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Music From The Labyrinth: Part One – Minotauro Records…

Music From The Labyrinth: Part One By Andy “Dinger” Beresky    So….I was record shopping in lovely downtown Northampton one fateful afternoon, and ran into this dude Glenn, who works for the Italian label Minotauro Records.  I’m not sure exactly how his collaboration with the label came to pass, though we got to talking music: […] Read More…

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The Rise of Beesus_Album Cover

Beesus “A Band Spotlight” Reviews + Stream – Part 1…

Beesus The Rise Of Beesus – CD // DD // Vinyl New Sonic Records // Goodfellas – released December 17, 2015 Reviewed by Zachary “+Norway+” Turner   Lineup: Touis – Vocals Pootchie – Guitars/ Chorus Vocals Mudd – Drums/ Chorus Vocals Mutt – Bass Tracklist: Rise Of Beesus 07:31 6ft Under Box 03:55 Stonerslam 03:16 […] Read More…

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Surge Ex Monumentis_Album Cover

JIRM “Surge Ex Monumentis” Album Review + Stream + Videos…

JIRM Surge Ex Monumentis – Double Vinyl // CD // DD Small Stone Recordings – released March 16, 2018  Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr Formed: 2004 Location: Stockholm, Sweden Lineup: Karl Apelmo: vocals, guitars Micke Pettersson: guitars Viktor Källgren: Bass Henke Persson: drums, percussions Additional musician: Daniel Hägglund: organs Previous Releases: Elefanta (2009) Bloom (2011) Spirit Knife (2014) […] Read More…



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