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Music From The Labyrinth: Part One – Minotauro Records…

Music From The Labyrinth: Part One By Andy “Dinger” Beresky    So….I was record shopping in lovely downtown Northampton one fateful afternoon, and ran into this dude Glenn, who works for the Italian label Minotauro Records.  I’m not sure exactly how his collaboration with the label came to pass, though we got to talking music: […] Read More…

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Ethereal Riffian start Crowdfunding Campaign for 3rd Full Length…

Crowdfunding Campaign for Ethereal Riffian’s 3rd LP   One of our favorite bands here at Taste Nation, Spiritualized rockers from Ukraine, Ethereal Riffian are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to support their 3rd full-length album which they plan to release next year and we couldn’t be happier!! With all Ethereal Riffian’s previous releases their […] Read More…

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The Heavy Medicinal Grand Expo_Album Cover

Frozen Planet…1969 “The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition” Review + Stream…

Frozen Planet 1969 The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition – Limited Vinyl // CD // DD Pepper Shaker Records & Headspin Records – released November 1, 2018  Review by Terry “The Ancient” One Cuyler “Psychedelic Snake Oil”   The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition I.Oddball Sundae (00:00-05:15) II.The Juggler (05:16-10:08) III.Introducing… Oxandra Lanceolata (10:09-16:26) The Talking Juice (16:27-27:31) […] Read More…



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