OF THE SUN ‘Before A Human Path’ EP Review & Select Track Streams


Self-Release April 14, 2017
Reviewed By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Are you familiar with Texas’ Of The Sun? If you aren’t then this may take some creative imagination on your part. So, if you are ready to utilize such then just imagine if you will, or can, a Southern Progressive Metal band that taps into a wide variety of influences. A little Pantera, a little Gojira, a little Alice In Chains and a tanker truck full of creativity and talent are infused into the musical content contained here. Of The Sun, aka Patrick Duvall (Lead Vocals/Guitar), David Duvall (Bass/Vocals) and Johnny Reed (Drums), will self-release their ‘Before A Human Path‘ EP on April 14th. And to be honest, I don’t know if metal fans are ready for a release of this caliber, one that’s as genuinely unique as this one is. This is metal but it is also quite beyond metal too.

From the blistering pummeling of the opening salvo ‘The Tightrope Mile‘ things ripple with outright heaviness and aggression. A furious onslaught of riffs strike with solid body blow impact as piston-like rhythms fire and caustic vocals resonate. That’s all prior to the melodic turn into more prog rock realms that inspire me to describe this best as The Great Southern Trendkill-meets-Devin Townsend’s Ocean Machine. I dare you to say I missed the mark too once you hear this track for yourself, especially the chant-laden, airy vocalized sections that give way to untethered angst. Once you recover your senses somewhat, they are soon riddled once again by ‘Nebulamorphous‘ and its incredible heaviness. Some psychedelic nuances permeate the track at times while dizzying time signatures drive it at others. We’re finally given a chance to catch our breath and regain our composure somewhat with third song, ‘Cantos‘, and its heady, hazy roll out. An otherworldly, demented carnivalesque-like feel seems ingrained within its epic sonic grandeur as it invites you to let go and come along.

A Soliloquy‘ (below) is the perfect example of what Of The Sun is all about, chaos and order, mayhem and melody, battery and beauty. The fluctuating levels of intensity, the governed degrees of growth and flow..where musicality and practicality merge and diverge simultaneously. Lastly we come to ‘The Limbless God‘, a polished frenzy of rippling riffs and tight-knit rhythmic precision. A thrashy battering of Southern-tinged groove metal and further progressive greatness.

It is not often that you hear something that truly astounds you, something that is truly unique and able to set itself apart from everything else vying for your attention. But that is exactly what we have here, something that not merely shatters the mold but obliterates it into so many minuscule particulates that no one shall come near duplicating it. It’s thrilling when you discover such an entity or item, what have you, and that is what Of The Sun‘s ‘Before A Human Path‘ EP is for me. I believe it will be the same for many progressive metal fans as well as it is more than able to erase and remove barriers. I recommend you allow it to do exactly that for you.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

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