High Brian “Hi Brian” – Album Review & Stream…


Hi Brain – Vinyl // CD // DD

Stonefree Records – released April 7, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Band Members: Paul – Drums + Vox, Pat – Bass, Nils – Guitar, Bene – Guitar + Vox

From: Graz, Austria

Formed: Autumn 2013

Previous Releases: “Aquanautic Smoke Live Session” (Sept 2015) / “Surrealistic Pillow EP” (July 2016) / “Helsinki Live Session” (March 2017)

This record is High Brian’s first full-length outing for this quartet that represents an amalgamation from all over Europe that came together in Austria and realized they needed to create music together and went about that by spending many days and nights in lava-lamp infused light, weaving  their tapestry of ultra-delay and phase-shifted distortion-saturated meanderings of musical madness, tempered in that glow of green haze that true psych/stoner bands just seem to flourish in.  Tracks like opener ‘Liquid Sweet’ with the slow fading keys that lead right to the double guitar hit at 11 seconds in, show the 70’s psychedelic roots these guys wear proudly on their sleeves and there is the added clarity of in-studio production values that let EACH note ring out and every word be able to be heard. Each track on here has been previously included on one of the live releases and the one single for ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ b/w ‘Time’ – (see Video of ‘Time’ Below).


“Free like a stone, and far away from home” is how we are welcomed into ‘All But Certainty’ after an opening section showing the prowess of each member as they instantly gel with the staggering tempo that never falters. From the sky-high leads that fade off into the plucky notes opening ‘The Sun & I’  that build and build into a crescendo of fuzz and wah before another galloping pace is set.  The flow from one song to the next is truly smooth as glass. The over-pumped 70’s wah-pedal gives that retro-warmth that High BRIAN, as they themselves refer to the aggregate, use to their advantage. The revamped ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ is tightened up and the guitar-edge is even sharper than the original release letting this song shine brighter.


Pro Band Pic

‘All The Other Faces’ instantly made me think FRANK MARINO (Mahogany Rush) had entered the building with the spaced-out first minute plus that seriously felt like a time-shift back the 1970’s and permeates the entire five minutes plus with a lavish dose of heavy slathered on midway through. ‘Aquanautic Smoke’ is truly another slice of the unique visions that High BRIAN love to weave, asking you to “light up with them” as they traverse the billowing presence that surrounds. ‘The Conversion’ comes out of the gate with backwards drums/cymbals for the first four measures and the band hits hard with enough fuzz to make the air hum and as always, deep bass rumbles dark and pounding. ‘Blood Money’ is a more blues based track this studio treatment is as stellar as either of the other versions and gives the added benefit of that clarity mentioned earlier. The nuances of the guitar lines, including soft touches and hearing the keys haunting the background are things that may get lost in the mix live but are present to take in and allow for the full flavors to be enjoyed like the funked-out bass tone entering the last segment before the mini drum spotlight. The tempo keeps increasing from this point until it just… stops.


Hi Brain_Promo Kit


‘Time’ is the perfect bookend for this album as it allows High BRIAN to show how much, as a collective, they have grown together during the last four years. This version is the personification of a band that has pushed themselves hard to get to this level and it shows. The more you listen, the more it grows on you and sticks in your head.  So go get it NOW and support them if/when they come to your town!!  Highly Recommend!!!



ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY ‘Moonshiner’ EP Review & Stream; Official Video

Moonshiner EP – Ltd. Ed. CD//Cassette
El Diablo Records – Release Date March 24th, 2017
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Let’s be honest, one does not usually associate moonshine with Paris, France. That is especially true when you reside in the mountains of Appalachian Kentucky like I do, a place that’s pretty much the home of moonshine. But none the less, we are indeed here to talk about moonshine albeit a much different kind than what you are probably thinking of. See, in this case the moonshine in question is the newly distilled 3-song ‘Moonshiner‘ EP from the Parisians in Electric Jaguar Baby. Oh, and the duo at the heart of this blend, Frank D. and Antonio D., have concocted quite an inebriating mash on this run.

Things get fired up here with the blisteringly high energy, fuzz-fattened riffs of ‘The One“. With a cadence-like fury that propels the song ever forward while dense, bottom heavy low end rumbles beneath, the song pulsates. All of this while some hazy vocals narrate things amid the intensely relentless drumming and unhesitant sense of urgency. With a similar format but a much more wide open delivery comes the unforgiving ‘Holly Vally‘. A dizzying flurry of music seems to send things spiraling about as a solid punk rock vibe permeates the track. The drumming on this one gets into a realm that seems almost inhuman at times, incessantly pummeling you with a barrage of pure garage rock goodness. Those fantastic drums introduce us to the title track, ‘Moonshiner‘, too as their chunky chuggery keeps time on this final song. The guys quickly find an infectious groove that you cannot ignore, keeping things moving and tight knit with fantastic finesse. The upbeat feeling to the bouncy, happy go lucky guitar licks are perfectly suited for the different vocal approach here too and add a whole new aspect to things.

This is as DIY as things get, same as an actual moonshine still itself except in this case the former is perfectly legal no matter how blind off your ass you may get from repeated listenings to it. Recorded live in a cellar and then issued on “handmade limited CDs and cassette tapes” via the duo’s own label El Diablo Records, Electric Jaguar Baby‘s ‘Moonshiner‘ EP is as potent a home brew anyone could hope for. Here’s your chance to immerse yourself, to saturate your very soul with the equally soulful psyche-fuzza-delicious swill via the Bandcamp embed below. Sip it, guzzle it, whatever just as long as you are fully imbibing in this tasty beverage!

ADRENALINE MOB Proclaim ‘We The People’ Details; Debut New Video + Tour Dates

One of music’s more bona fide ‘supergroups’, Adrenaline Mob, have announced they’ll soon be releasing a brand new album. That album, ‘We The People‘, will see release through Century Media on June 2nd and consist of thirteen songs. A new Official Video for ‘King Of The Ring‘, featuring singer Russell Allen (Symphony X) and guitarist Mike Orlando, can be seen below. The clip and new record, the follow up to 2014’s Men Of Honor, are the band’s first with new drummer Jordan Cannata and bassist David Zablidowsky (Trans-Siberian Orchestra).

Original Adrenaline Mob drummer Mike Portnoy left the band in 2013 while his replacement, drummer AJ Pero (Twisted Sister), died in March 2015 of a heart attack.

Ad Mob LP

We The People‘ track listing:

01. King Of The Ring
02. We The People
03. The Killer’s Inside
04. Bleeding Hands
05. Chasing Dragons
06. Til The Head Explodes
07. What You’re Made Of
08. Raise ‘Em Up
09. Ignorance & Greed
10. Blind Leading The Blind
11. Violent State Of Mind
12. Lords Of Thunder
13. Rebel Yell

We The People‘ will be available for purchase as a special edition CD digi-pak, gatefold 2LP+CD, and on all standard digital and streaming music platforms.

In related news, Adrenaline Mob will embark on a 30-date U.S. tour on June 16 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Support on all dates will come from the Canadian band The Wild. – Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Tour dates:

Jun. 16 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Loft
Jun. 17 – New York, NY – Marlin Room
Jun. 18 – Haverhill, MA – The Whiskey Barrell
Jun. 20 – Pittsburgh, PA – Hard Rock
Jun. 21 – Rochester, NY – Harmony House
Jun. 22 – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
Jun. 23 – Joliet, IL – The Forge
Jun. 25 – St. Louis, MO – Fubar
Jun. 27 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
Jun. 28 – Salt Lake City, UT – Royal Bar
Jun. 29 – Idaho Falls, ID – The Gem
Jul. 01 – Everett, WA – Tony V Garage
Jul. 03 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
Jul. 06 – Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar
Jul. 07 – West Hollywood, CA – Viper Room
Jul. 08 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
Jul. 09 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock
Jul. 11 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey
Jul. 12 – Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live
Jul. 14 – St. Petersburg, FL – State Theater
Jul. 15 – Sanford, FL – West End Trading Co.
Jul. 16 – Jacksonville, FL – 1904 Music Hall
Jul. 17 – Greenacres, FL – Piepers Sports Bar
Jul. 19 – Wilmington, NC – The Throne Theater
Jul. 20 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
Jul. 21 – Easton, PA – One Centre Square
Jul. 22 – Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Samsara Blues Experiment “One With The Universe” Review & Stream…

Samsara Blues Experiment

One With The Universe – LP // CD // DD

Electric Magic Records in Cooperation with World in Sound Records

Release Date:  Digital Download – April 10th, 2017 // LP & CD Release Date – Mid May 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr

Founded: 2007

Band Members:

Christian Peters (guitar, vocal, synth etc.), Hans Eiselt (bass), Thomas Vedder (drums)

Hailing from Germany, or Akasha (Third stone from the Sun) per their FB page, SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT is a three piece band that incorporates a mixture of varying types of musical forms  from stoner rock to psychedelic blues, Indian raga to folk, using this swirling format to create something individual and unique in a world of music that seems littered with so many bands regurgitating so much drivel. SBE has chosen the be the exception and they do not disappoint based on the countless festivals / tours they have undertaken in their almost 10-year history as an entity as well as a plethora of releases that continue to expand on the visions that SBE put forth. Be it studio or live, there is a feeling of ethereal consciousness that begins with the first note and does not waiver until the last note. Spending their time on extensive touring from early in their career, they first hit American shores as early as 2009 and have no plans on changing that edict any time soon. By 2013, SBE released their third album and did it in a big way; their OWN label, Electric Magic. This pending May 2017 release will be offered through this same outlet and the anticipation is staggering with the buzz and sharing around of their previous releases letting more and more know what is looming near for the new fans and dedicated fans alike around the world.


Pro Band Pic_B&W


Comprised of five new songs with an average run time of just under 10 minutes, not a second seems wasted here from the opening notes of ‘Vipassana’ with all of the cascading notes, the swelling and full bass line to the endless fills and flow of tempo that these three combine in a manner that can only be described as ‘hypnotic and mesmerizing’ at the same time. ‘Sad Guru Returns’ is a track that lets Samsara Blues Experiment build to the pummeling pace that is the body of this track up to just after three minutes in when there is a pause of soft until the pick slides back down Chris’ guitar neck and the pummeling power-chords are back in your face and it is perfection in arrangement for this instrumental offering, the only voices being the inserted excerpts speaking of this generation at the beginning and meditation at the end of… again, perfect in the context of this composition. ‘Glorious Daze’ comes in with a slow fade of a single guitar note followed by Hans’s bassline and a soft-wash cymbal edge from Thomas’ hands continuing with that feel of esoteric awakening as Chris’ voice comes in, describing in his signature timbre this tale of not knowing “What I miss the most about you…” to the muse behind the lyrics that are better heard with your own ears than described further here for the full-effect and immersion into your own perception.


Samsara Blues Experiment_Banner


Title track, and personal favorite from this album ‘One With The Universe’ clocks in at just over 15 minutes and stands out as the jewel on the crown that this record represents for SBE. A lone guitar and more cymbal washes cascade down the sides of my face as so much mist in a breeze and the urge to close your eyes and float along with the soloing is overpowering as you allow your mind’s eye to truly ‘see’ every word not spoken with a clarity not imagined as possible. The first appearance of any vocal comes at nine minutes in as Chris echoes his guitar progression in a call-and-response manner until Chris’ voice tells us ” I said I want to see you everyday…” and we traverse across time and space in this tale of “All the promises you made…”. The time shift at 10 minutes shifts the pace to a more ‘jazz-filled’ segment complete with what could very well be a mellotron keyboard further filling the lush tapestry as a solo winds out and around as so many branches growing and wrapping around you as the musicianship allows this trio to flex their ever-powerful muscle of mastery that keeps building in intensity to the drum rolling end.



Closing track ‘Eastern Sun & Western Moon’ is the absolute epitome of what SBE represents themselves to be in that while slower in tempo than the majority of this record, there is still that inherent ‘HEAVY” with the languishing pace that allows for us to breathe deeply and savor each second of the staggering loopy melody that makes up the body of this song. The running order and stellar production values make this truly the BEST offering SO FAR from SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT and helps to further solidify this band as one of the MUST-SEE acts out there and you need to do yourself the favor of diving DEEP into this ‘experiment’ with all of their previous releases as we wait the official release.  Buy the record ASAP and support them live if you get the chance to witness this mastery of sound and story combined!!

MEAN STREAK Announce ‘Blind Faith’ Imminent; Share New Official Video

Swedish traditional metal band Mean Streak have announced their latest album, ‘Blind Faith‘, will be released soon. Today the band is sharing the new digital Single and Official Video for the song ‘Caught In A Crossfire‘. ‘Blind Faith’ was produced by Peter Andersson and Max Norman, mixed by Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Armored Saint, Megadeth, Y&T) and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (Soilwork, Onslaught, Armageddon).

The video was produced by Exit Stage Left (exitstageleft.se). Video director & editor is Ari Pereira. Director of Photography is Ari Pereira & Martin Frick (martinfrick.se).

New album ‘Blind Faith‘ will be available in Europe on CD, as vinyl gatefold blue LP, limited to 350 copies and gatefold gold LP, limited to 150 copies via ROAR (Rock Of Angels Records) on June 2rd. Pre-orders are open now at this location. It will be released globally according to the following schedule: In Europe via ROAR (Rock Of Angels Records) on June 2rd, in Japan via Marquee/Avalon (including one exclusive bonus track) on May 31st and in the USA via HighVolMusic on June 16th.

Mean Streak LP

The tracklist of “Blind Faith” is follows:

1. Blood Red Sky
2. Animal In Me
3. Retaliation Call
4. Settle The Score
5. Tear Down The Walls
6. Tears Of The Blind
7. Love Is A Killer
8. Come Undone
9. Fire At Will
10. Caught In A  Crossfire
11. Gunnerside
12. Smile Of A Clown (Japan Bonus Only)

– Pat’Riot’ Whitaker

ICED EARTH ‘Incorruptible’ Details Revealed; ‘Raven Wing’ Lyric Video Premiere

U.S. power metallers Iced Earth will make their return with the new album ‘Incorruptible‘ on June 16th via Century Media Records. The anxiously awaited follow up to 2011’s Dystopia is a 10-track effort of the powerfully melodic heavy metal the band has built its respectable legacy upon. ‘Incorruptible‘ will be available in a variety of formats that are included below.

Along with the news of the upcoming release, Iced Earth are sharing a new lyric video for the song ‘Raven Wing‘. It follows the previously shared ‘Seven Headed Whore‘ and both are streaming here today.


track listing:

01. Great Heathen Army (5:21)
02. Black Flag (4:56)
03. Raven Wing (6:25)
04. The Veil (4:47)
05. Seven Headed Whore (3:00)
06. The Relic (Part 1) (4:59)
07. Ghost Dance (Awaken The Ancestors) (6:35)
08. Brothers (4:45)
09. Defiance (4:08)
10. Clear The Way (December 13th, 1862) (9:30)

“Incorruptible” will be available in the following formats:

* Deluxe CD digipak with extensive booklet, fold-out poster and slipcase (only available in Europe)
* CD digipak (only available in the USA)
* Strictly limited artbook with 36-page booklet with introduction, additional artworks, sketches and comments by Jon Schaffer to each individual song, CD and double 10″ vinyl, worldwide limited to only 3000 copies
* Deluxe 2LP version in various vinyl colors (see below for exact color split) with gatefold sleeve, 4-page lyric sheet, 180-gram vinyl, black anti-static inner sleeves, etching and 12-page LP-booklet with artworks to each of the 10 songs
* Standard CD jewel case
* Digital download / stream

The 2LP version of “Incorruptible” is offered in the following vinyl colors:

* Black vinyl: unlimited and offered through all retail channels
* Dark-green vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available in the U.K.
* Yellow vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available in France
* Clear vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at Century Media‘s European online store
* Lilac vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at Nuclear Blast
* Silver vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at EMP
* Transparent-red vinyl: limited to 500 copies, distributed through RED in the USA
* White vinyl: limited to 300 copies, exclusively offered in the USA through F.Y.E.
* Transparent-orange vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively sold by ICED EARTH on tour

The artbook version of “Incorruptible” will be offered in the following vinyl colors:

* Transparent-red vinyl: main version, available through all retail channels
* Clear vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at Century Media‘s European online store
* Golden vinyl: limited to 200 copies, available at various online stores
* Black vinyl: limited to 200 copies, available at various online stores
* Silver vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at Nuclear Blast
* Transparent-orange vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively sold by ICED EARTH on tour

It’s Official! OZZY & ZAKK WYLDE Reunite For New Tour Together

It is official! For the first time in over a decade, Ozzy Osbourne and former guitarist Zakk Wylde will reunite for a series of show together this summer. While they’ve performed together over the years, these shows are the first collaboration for the duo for a full tour since 2006. These dates also mark Ozzy’s first solo tour in the US in years beyond one Ozzy & Friends performance at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans, LA in October 2015.

In addition to reuniting with Zakk Wylde on guitar, Ozzy’s band will include longtime collaborators Blasko (bass), Tommy Clufetos (drums) and Adam Wakeman (keyboards). Ozzy’s tour dates kick off in July at the Rock USA Festival in Oshkosh, WI with additional dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

“I’m so happy to be getting back on the road with Zakk, Blasko, Tommy and Adam,” says Ozzy. “This is what I do. This is where I belong, on the road.”

“I’m really looking forward to The hardcore powahlifting training sessions with Ozzy as well as playing music in between sets of heavy squats, benching and deadlifts,” Zakk Wylde adds.

Next up for Ozzy is prepping for a new solo album for Epic in 2018/

Ozzy’s initial 2017 tour dates are as follows:

14 – Oshkosh, WI – Rock USA Festival
16 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Open Air Festival

9 – Sturgis, SD – Buffalo Chip
21 – Cartersville, IL – Moonstock Festival

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Soulmass “The Weakness of Virtue” – Band Review & Indiegogo…


The Weakness of Virtue

Crowdfunding Campaign – Support Needed

Reviewed by Terry “Dingman” Cuyler

In 2013 my friend Brett Windnagle of Lascallie’s Shroud and Project Rowenwolfe got together with his friend Bryan Edwards of Seven Kingdoms and created the Doom Metal band Soulmass. Initially a the band was a two man project called Kingdoms of Flesh with Bryan Edwards as band manager, and Brett Windnagle handling all the instruments recording in a DIY studio in his bedroom . After all Brett’s Painstaking work mixing and mastering 5 track of Unholy Doom and Dark Fantasy were unveiled. Realizing they had something Brett and Bryan began working on the album Despairing Fates and changed their name to Soulmass after realizing the new direction they had begun heading in with their initial project. Soon after successfully releasing the bands 1st full album Soulmass brought in Aaron Sluss to play bass and Scud, both of Project Rowenwolfe, to play drums.


Currently Soulmass is preparing to release it’s next album called Dark Souls which they intend have recorded in a proper studio and professionally engineered. From what I heard on Kingdoms of Flesh and Despairing Fates I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear music from them that has been professionally recorded. To ensure they have the resources, the band is running a IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign.  Join us in supporting this dynamic band take their craft to the next level by visiting their IndieGogo Campaign.  Support Independent Music!!  Soulmass is ready to blow minds!!  Help them make it a reality.

To quote Brett, “Soulmass seeks the aid of fellows fans and phantoms to bring the harrowing world of Dark Souls to life through the glory of death and doom!” As this article goes to print, the band is 67% away from reaching their goal with only 13 days left.



Previous album to get a nice flavor!!



RED BEARD WALL S/T Review & Track Stream

Self-Titled – CD//DD
Argonauta Records – Release Date May 12th, 2017
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

We all know how things are done down Texas way, don’t we? Everything is blown up and bigger than life, done up right in a massive way or it isn’t done at all. That philosophical application seems to also be the mission statement of the newest release from the Lone Star State’s Red Beard Wall. The 9-song self-titled effort will be released through Argonauta Records on May 12th and it very well might change the whole game of how music fans view Post-Rock. Of course I label said record as ‘Post-Rock’ but truth is, there is a shit-ton lot more going on in this thing, everything from Noise Rock to Sludge to Grunge and Alternative, just to name a few.

Red Beard Wall has been a true labor of love for the duo currently behind the wall itself, vocalist/guitarist Aaron Wall and drummer George Trujillo. It has been a little over a year now since RBW issued the 3-song self-titled Demo back in ’16 and in that time, the guys have really perfected their sound. You really have no clue what to expect as the feedback-ringing intro of first cut ‘Beauty In‘ heralds the arrival of downtuned riffs and slamming kit-work. Quickly a groove is found and explored to the hilt with a little mid-tempo flare at hand and there it remains for the duration of this instrumental introduction. Exiting out with some more feedback and then, before you know it, the explosive ‘I Am‘ takes over. Reminiscent of some Nineties’ era Pacific Northwest grunge bands, the track is a lulling foray into a bit of hazy alt. rock. The juxtaposing vocal styles, one minute clean and melodic, the next screaming and angst-y, remind you there’s an aspect of aggression ever-present beneath the surface. Intensity comes soaring inward with several of the other songs here too, ones like ‘Switching Circuits‘ and ‘Bottom Of A Well‘ (streaming below) are constructed on controlled aggression. They’re fluid and manage to touch all the bases when it comes to melding multiple styles together with strength and cohesion.

For me personally, I really took to the middle segment of the record especially the triple threat of ‘Alive‘, ‘Born With A Hammer‘ and ‘Top Of The Mountain‘. ‘Alive‘ has a very carefree or uplifting quality about it, very groove-oriented but with a lighter vibe permeating its playing time. It repeatedly brings to mind Local H for me..and that is a damn good quality if you ask me. On the opposite side of that spectrum is the pummeling ‘Top of The Mountain‘, a volatile cut that rides the rhythmic rails straight to the pinnacle of Mt. Anger. Things begin to crest with the hypnotic lyrical rhymes that narrate the next to last track, ‘March In Time‘. It has a Southern Metal-meets-Satanic-Surf Rock type of content, not to mention its very own take on an abrasive breakdown about mid-way through. Things come full circle with the ending track ‘Beauty Out‘, a reprise of the instrumental start that kicked off this aural trek. The gravity-generating grooves pull you back down into place as you begin to stumble from the stupor of what you’ve just listened to.

I won’t try to bullshit you or lay a bunch of undue hype on you here because, truth is, Red Beard Wall is somewhat minimalist in nature. It’s a bit stripped down and as such, it refuses to rely on a bunch of razzle-dazzle studio trickery to make you think you’re hearing something you actually aren’t. No, instead it, and the duo themselves, just lay all their cards out in front of you and ask you to check them out. They don’t need sleight of hand tricks placed within their audio gamble because they are confident they’ve covered the spread and in truth, they have.

Elephant Bell “Gates of Dawn” – Album Review & Feature Video


Gates Of Dawn – CD // DD

Argonauta Records – Release Date: April 28, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Formed: 2000

From: Lappeenranta, Helsinki Finland

Band Members: Tommy Waits – vocals, guitar / Tom C. Johnson – guitar, vocals

J.J. Strangler – bass, vocals / Migis Thunderthrone – drums

Previous Releases: Sunchaser Demo (2000) / Dreamwheel EP (2001) / Electric Shoes EP (2005) / Painless EP (2005) / Rip My Head Off (2008)

This marks the first released outing for ELEPHANT BELL in almost 9 years and is the first full length release in the history of. Each previous release embraced a punk-production level, complete with guitars that were scratch-thin and pissed off lending credo to the claim for each that the band was even MORE stoned than they had been with the one before it. I expected no less than more of the same as they had pretty much defined themselves in this manner and how much difference could nine years make and from what I could glean, there is only one new member in the personage of J.J. taking the bottom end to heart. I went back and re-acquainted with some of the older tracks to get ready for this release and when I noticed two familiar song titles ‘The Sun Is Going down’ and ‘Dreamwheel’, I was ready to hit play and soak in what was about to come at me. . .  Engage…

Pro Band Pic

What jumped out of my speakers with this psycho-phased out guitar line twisting over Tommy’s vocal before this thick pure rock and roll freight train is rolling at full speed as ‘So Pure’ rips you out of your seat, setting a tone that I in NO WAY expected and was devouring with each note, my heart racing in pure joy at the level these guys have risen to in this return, exceeding every possible expectation I had conjured up and ‘Demon Seducer’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Straight To Hell’ keep that rock-n-roll aesthetic working flawlessly while ‘Bug In The Soup’ shows another side, but not necessarily what you might expect; remember, lose the preconceptions with this album, as ‘Mojo Filter’ will remind you as the multi layered voices of 3/4 of this quartet lead you along with another side, again, not what you may have been expecting, especially with the shimmering solo sections that seem lightly laced in a middle eastern flavor, just hinting at harmonics in the softest distorted touch.

‘Come See The Show’ would be the PERFECT track to open each show just as ‘The Last Scene’ is the obvious and most fitting choice as a last song of the evening, even as an encore in it;’s blissfully baked mixture of Moog sounding keys spinning fuzzed out chords that could have been lifted from some 70’s sci-fi, until that ever heavy bass line takes over your pulse and then those lilting voices fade in and out, left and right until at 2 minutes in, Tommy grabs your attention again with an almost whisper voicing that forces you to pay closer attention, taking it all in. ‘The Sweet Babylon’ is probably one of the most dynamic songs this band has written to date and utilizes ALL facets of stoner / psych / and sludge thick bass tones to create one of those songs that is over just too damn SOON as the sheer flow from beginning to end is just precision and beauty in motion that you want to just keep going on and on, as the reworked lean-and-mean version of ‘The Sun Is Going Down’ reminds you of how far this band has truly come since 2008 when they first let this one out of the box that while holding that feel of the original, it is beyond obvious the level of musicianship to make this as razor sharp as anything out there.

And then there’s ‘Dreamwheel’, which I thought was a remake of the track on the 2001 EP of the same name, but I can’t recognize that and this as similar in ANY manner of than name. The slice and dice guitar tones and just how beyond rolling in perfect symmetry as this one, and the whole album for that matter, demonstrates to be, this seems to be the perfect stage for the world to take notice and dive in deep. Buy the record the second it comes out and support them WHEN they come to your area!!