PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT Sign Record Deal With Listenable Records

Florence, Italy’s amazing occult rockers Psychedelic Witchcraft have announced that they’ve signed a multi-album deal with Listenable Records. The band, fronted by the mystical enchantress Virginia Monti, formed in 2015 and has quickly risen through the ranks to become a formidable entity within the underground scene. Their music is a potent blending of blues/hard rock with an in depth occult-based lyrical content and imagery.

After wowing music fans and critics alike with earlier releases Black Magic Man and The Vision, the band is now gearing up to record their new album this spring for an expected release in fall 2017.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

MOROSITY – “Low Tide” Album Review & Stream…


Low Tide – CD // DD

Self Released: February 14, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota is the location! Formed in 2010, Morosity band members listed simply as Jesse / David / Nick / Shawn and Jason… no other identifiers, no telling who does what on ANY of their pages, but they are clear when they say that “History doesn’t matter.” is the response to asking about the past of this gathering of five minds. Influences listed include but not limited to TOOL / DAYS OF THE NEW / OPETH / DEAD CAN DANCE / PINK FLOYD, from ALICE IN CHAINS to SOUNDGARDEN, as far back as LED ZEPPELIN and as current as you can think of from VAST to ECHOBRAIN…   Oddly, if you listen close enough, you can hear each and more in these nine songs offered, the first since 2011’s first full length release. Sit back, smoke ’em if ya got ’em and let it roll…

Band Pro Art Shot


MOROSITY From the first, quick face in, strings and things in a cavalcade of movement and you are suddenly surrounded by Middle Eastern majesty in subtle drum tones and tempo and there is a mystic sounding flow of voices that are turning circles around you for the 2 minutes and 10 seconds of ‘Mind Over Matter’ and the next thing you know, ‘The Answer’ hits you with a crushing intro that belies the over-washing tale of ’round and round’ that ‘no one will ever know’ per our vocal guide. The last 50 seconds begin with ‘You’re all wrong’ and then some of the most dynamic lead-guitar work I have heard out of these guys yet and just when the crescendo seems imminent, ‘Ouroboros’ hits with the soft mystical sounds of winding of drums and strings in writhing symmetry that keeps your feet off of the ground as you drink this tale in, savoring each drop until the next hits you until the last echoes off into ringing silence.

‘Moon’ shows off just how far the last six years have meant in growth and shows it shines brighter than any other on this album with the glistening smooth first note full of multilayered guitar tracks that slip and slide as you settle in for the ride as the tempo evens.  The glistening slows and that voice enters, telling you that ‘You make it all black and white’ and the body of the melody wraps around you like the lightest touch and your closed eyes do nothing to prevent the grin that involuntarily crosses your lips as everything gets so soft and then takes charge with complexity of a flanged guitar progression that circles like so many fingers until ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ fades to life with a reverb-heavy single string under a wash cymbal beckons to this direction.  Onto the next tale… Straight into slide guitar Heaven with this vocal that is clear without menace, strong without volume and commanding without command, showing that maturity in content and execution that is typically lacking in a sophomore effort, yet is very abundant throughout this one.

‘Death Grip’ begins with that spaghetti-western cowboy swagger that lets you know, this is not going to be more of the same. I immediately thought of post-grunge band LITTLE KINGS and then the whistle hits and you can almost feel that hot breeze crossing your cheek with the uttering “BANG BANG BANG, THEY TOOK AWAY OUR GUNS…” and the violins sing exactly that tale with each sinewy note that permeates the rest of this song. ‘Limbo’ is a quick follow with an almost gypsy sounding progression that sets the pace for this tale where no one believes you, where title track ‘Low Tide’ is more morose sounding out of the gate with subtle rolls and fills as the body rolls under the haunting yet solid vocal that continues to keep you elevated as he beckons you to watch him fly. As the song ends and the waves begin to wash back over you, album closer ‘Adrift’ fulfills the dream state once more with the layers of astral sounds soothe and accentuate the ghostly vocal line that slips it’s metaphoric fingers through your hair and across your flesh giving that inner chill that fades ever so slowly as do the waves fade to nothingness and suddenly, you realize it is over.


I did not know what to expect what with almost 6 years past between releases but gave it a shot and am thankful that I did not let this slide past me. I recommend grabbing one of the limited edition first-pressings and support them live if they come anywhere close!!


ALL HELL Streaming Friday’s Prosthetic Records Release ‘The Grave Alchemist’

North Carolina-based blackened thrash trio All Hell will issue their Prosthetic Records debut, ‘The Grave Alchemist‘, this Friday, April 14th. It was recorded by Kris Hilbert (The Body) and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), it will be offered on CD, LP and Digital formats.

Asheville’s occult metallers in All HellJacob Curwen (Vocals and Guitar), Kurt Henderson (Drums) and Erik Ballantyne (Bass) have an evil sound all their own. And guess what? You can hear it on the new album today as it is streaming via a Bandcamp embed here ahead of its release later this week. – Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

The Grave Alchemist tracklist:

“Grave Alchemy”
“Wed The Night”
“Vampiric Lust”
“The Castle”
“Laid To Unrest”
“Memory Tomb”
“The Madness Out Of Time”
“The Thing In The Ground”
“Return Of The Reaper”
“I Am The Mist”

SWALLOW THE SKY Shares Visualizer For ‘The Shepherd’

Tri-State (TN./VA./N.C.) outersound heavyweights Swallow The Sky have issued their visualizer for the track ‘The Shepherd‘. The song hails from the band’s acclaimed 2016 release, ‘Result Of Infinite Series‘, and displays the band’s ability to meld multifaceted aspects into their music. Both aurally atmospheric yet darkly dense, the band channels strongly hallucinogenic properties sound-wise and visually in the presentation above.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

WOODHAWK ‘Beyond The Sun’ Review & Official Video

We hear terms like ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ tossed around like so many go-to catchphrases these days. Used with little to no actual regard for their validity or application to the subject matter at hand. Well today the subject happens to be Calgary, Alberta’s Woodhawk who just released their new album, ‘Beyond The Sun‘, on April 7th. Their first new offering since 2014’s self-titled EP finds guitarist/vocalist Turner Midzain, bassist/vox Mike Madmington and drummer Kevin Nelson melding those more archaic aural qualities further into their sound. The prevalent presence of older influences on their music is a most fitting trait but make no mistake, this is modern Rock through and through.

Taking pages from such inspirational elements as psychedelia, stoner/desert rock and the like, these nine tracks are most stellar specialties indeed. From the heady introduction provided via the first cut, the ‘Beyond The Sun‘ title track, things are soon speeding into some progressive rock territory. The energy and tempos stay..well, high on ‘The High Priest‘ with its groove-driven content. In fact, it is groove and powerfully enhanced music that drives the fantastic songs here while the laid back but emotionally solid vocals are built to impress.

Impressing is what this album is all about, from the off-the-hook heavy jam of ‘Living In The Sand‘ to the heady blues-ish traits of ‘Magnetic North‘. Everything is tight knit and super relaxed as the rollercoaster ride of ever-alternating tempos on the organ-laden ‘Lawless‘ and the apparent ode to Star Wars, ‘A New Hope‘, revel in their incredibleness. For me personally, my favorite here is the album-closing ‘Chrononaut‘ and its preceding introductory instrumental opener, ‘Foresee The Future‘. This is what the modern era of serious stoner rock sounds like, my friends.

I dare say that Woodhawk‘s ‘Beyond The Sun‘ is going to do wonders in establishing the band as one of underground music’s premiere rising bands. The vast realm of musical ground covered here is just astounding and it is explored with determination and confidence. Things are further augmented by the crystalline sound quality and high production standards that allow for already amazing tracks to be all that they can be. This is phenomenal rock that is going to strike an enthralling chord with fans of such bands as The Sword, Truckfighters or Valley Of The Sun.

VOID KING Issues ‘Under The Tongue’ Single [Streaming]

Indianapolis-based entity of dark, heavily emotional musical density, Void King, have officially issued a new Single titled ‘Under The Tongue‘. The track was recently used as a grat track for contributors to the band’s European tour Kickstarter, something the band easily surpassed goal-wise. They shared their appreciation through the following statement saying:

“We hit that goal in less than six hours and more than tripled our goal by the end of the two weeks. It was crazy how much support folks showed. It was humbling to see how many people didn’t want merch; they just wanted to help us get overseas.”

Under The Tongue‘ is the prefect example of all the elements that make Void King such the incredible band they are. There are sludgier overtones in the massive riffs of guitarist Tommy Miller while the powerful vocals of Jason Kindred deliver the visceral rawness of an open wound. Keeping it all anchored in place and progressing are the rhythm section of bassist Chris Carroll and drummer Derek Felix with their solid interactions.


Void King


ICED EARTH Issues ‘Incorruptible’ Details & Info

Legendary U.S. power metallers Iced Earth have unveiled the details of their upcoming studio album, ‘Incorruptible‘, set for release on June 16 via a variety of distributors. The information includes album artwork, tracklist, release formats and more, all of which can be found below. The cover artwork for the disc, as well as additional illustrations to every song, was created by David Newman-Stump from Skeleton Crew Tattoo (pencil illustrations) and Roy Young (colors).  Continue reading…

JESTERS OF DESTINY ‘The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown’ Review

Thirty years is a mighty long stretch between album releases for any band and although rare, it does happen at times. In fact, it just happened this past Friday, April 7th as an iconic act of yesteryear, Jesters Of Destiny, returned with ‘The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown‘ via Ektro Records. See, this is the first new studio album of original material from the duo of jokers Bruce Duff and Ray Violet since 1986’s seminal Fun At The Funeral outing (released through Metal Blade subsidiary Dimension Records FYI). Some might say the new record was by sheer accident while others might claim divine providence, take your pick. Evidently the new music began as an independent, non-Jesters undertaking but as the songs took on lives of their own, it became quite clear they were of such a caliber worthy of a Jesters Of Destiny designation.


See, if you know anything about this cult-revered band then you know that they are the very embodiment of terms like “unique” or “iconic”. They obtained such tags long, long ago when they were first pioneering what we now call Alternative Rock/Metal. At the time, there was no such genre classification and it’s because of the things that Jesters Of Destiny were doing musically that such labels were inspired and attached. They spearheaded the movement itself with their amalgamated hodgepodges of jumbled bits and pieces of various types of sonic smatterings in their earlier life. A touch of this, a taste of that, all blended together to create something unlike anything else in their contemporary surroundings at the time.

That very same approach, the method to the musical madness so to speak, is the very exact formula applied to these new recordings as well. Frenetic flavors of metal, punk rock, psychedelia, new wave and other extensive abstracts are melded into a cohesive, and yes, rather eclectic effort. So many decades in the making has allowed for a truly freestyle process to unfold where limitless elements are instilled into the music. Bassist/vocalist Bruce Duff says it best perhaps by stating: “This is our third record,” he says, “we took 30 years off. It wasn’t like we were sitting around though. We’ve been working on these songs for a while and we think it connects with the same stream of consciousness we previously mined but without looking back to 80’s sounds. We think it’s pretty current. It also required a lot of current.”

There will be no track by track breakdown this time, to attempt such would result in a struggle to properly quantify the myriad nuances contained within this album. And in all humility, I am good but even I may not be THAT good in this case. No, ‘The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown‘ is an album that must be heard firsthand to fathom, to understand fully and appreciate justly. Thank your lucky stars that Taste Nation LLC has provided you the very means to do so in the embedded stream of this opus below. Old fan, new convert, unsuspecting stranger, it matters not as Jesters Of Destiny are a band that must be experienced aurally to either embrace or reject. That undertaking is what I now leave to you and remember, ‘The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown‘ was just issued on vinyl (the version you hear with this premiere), digitally on CD and via download/streaming this past Friday. The vinyl and digital versions are different from one another too as the CD has different mixes of two of the songs, and three songs not on the vinyl, including a cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Two Minutes Silence“. Now, explore and enjoy!

CRAZY LIXX Keep The 80s Alive With ‘Ruff Justice’; Video Premiere

Swedish hard rock/glam band Crazy Lixx are keeping the content of the 1980’s alive and well in every way possible. From the sound of that era’s music, to the looks and imagery of it as well, Crazy Lixx are here to remind us what was and can be again. The biggest reminder of all will come in the form of their new album, ‘Ruff Justice‘, which is due on April 21st via Frontiers Music SRL.

To assist in that memory-jarring endeavor, Crazy Lixx are premiering a new official video for the track ‘Wild Child‘ off of the album too. It follows the previously shared audio-only streams of ‘XIII‘ and ‘Snakes In Paradise‘. If you are a fan of that bygone era of music or hell, just a fan of feel-good rock ‘n roll either one you will dig this. Check it out!

Crazy Lixx RJ LP
1. Wild Child
3. Walk the Wire
4. Shot with a Needle of Love
5. Killer
6. Hunter of the Heart
7. Snakes in Paradise
8. If It’s Love
9. Kiss of Judas
10. Live Before I Die


QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Are Possibly Teasing Something To Do With New LP

After a lengthy hiatus where mastermind Josh Homme released an album with Iggy Pop last year, it appears that Queens Of The Stone Age are up to something. The band members reportedly hit the studio late last year and now they’ve started teasing something new via their social media. A new logo recently surfaced that is being referred to as the “Shattered Q” with the wording “Coming Twenty Five”.

Most are assuming that Twenty Five is a reference to the band’s next studio album rather than an anniversary, as Queens Of The Stone Age officially formed in 1996, which would be 21 years ago. Going back twenty-five years age, Homme was still in Kyuss who were releasing their sophomore album at that time, Blues For The Red Sun. Besides, what would a new QoTSA logo have to do with Kyuss, a band that Josh himself refuses to have any part in as well? It may not be long before we learn exactly what Twenty Five is, as the band have also made the “Shattered Q” logo available for a new t-shirt, with deliveries expected to start shipping on April 17. Then again, Twenty Five could possibly refer to a date also, such as April 25 or something along those lines.

QoTSA 25
Meanwhile, Queens of the Stone Age are starting to line up their tour plans as well. After having previously been announced for the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan on July 28 and at San Francisco’s Outside Lands on Aug. 11, the group just announced a handful of dates down under, playing New Zealand and Australia in mid-July.

The stops include Auckland’s Logan Campbell on July 13, Darwin’s Convention Centre on July 16, Sydney’s Horden Pavilion July 19 and Melbourne’s Festival Hall on July 20. You can find further details and ticket information here.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker