The Interbeing “Among The Amorphous” Album Review + Stream…

The Interbeing

Among the Amorphous – Vinyl // CD // DD // Signed Merch

Long Branch Records / Prime Collective – released June 23rd 2017

Reviewed by Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler


A couple days ago my friend Brett Windnage of Lascaille’s Shroud and Soulmass posted a link to a video by a band of Danish Metalers from Copenhagen that I had never heard of called The Interbeing. After reading his post telling people how the band had crowdfunded it’s latest album Among the Amorphous through a kickstarter and spent two years making it I kinda felt the music merited a listen. So I cranked my speakers to 11, clicked my mouse on the YouTube link and enlarged the screen to full size and WHAMO!!  My ears were filled with futuristic tech metal and an amazing Sci-Fi themed Music Video to introduce their new album.



For those who are unfamiliar with The Interbeing, the band’s origins began in 2001 with a shared vision of founding members – vocalist Dara Toibin, guitarist Torben Pedersen and bassist Jacob Hansen to create a metal band with an innovative sound influenced by several genres. It was in 2006 that the band started to truly develop their sound with the addition of guitarist and electronic sound master Boas Segal and percussionist Kristoffer Egefelt whose technical skill helped The Interbeing seize a place for themselves in Denmark’s metal scene with the release of its demo Perceptual Confusion. Since their formation The Interbeing has been nominated for the 2008 ‘Talent of the Year’ award at the Danish Metal Awards and Band of the week on

In 2010, The Interbeing won the Best Metal Act at the Underground Music Awards and the Royal Metal Grand Prix. Then they slammed into the Danish Metal scene with their first full album Edge of the Obscure in 2011 which received much acclaim in Denmark’s music magazine GAFFA as album of the year.  Not being too familiar with The Interbeing myself and with my distrust of media hype, I decided to give the band’s past releases a listen on Bandcamp and I believe I can say with certainty I will being buying their past albums as well.


Pro band pic


The Interbeing’s latest album Among the Amorphous is a masterful blending of metal, with bellicose hardcore vocals and breakdowns, moving clear vocals in the choruses throughout that hearken back to good old fashioned power metal, with ethereal synthesizer movements and heavy dub beats. Listening to Among the Amorphous on my headphones feels rather like being in the Animated movies Akira or Ghost in the Shell. The band’s musicianship is tight.  The songs that stand out the most for me are ‘Deceptive Signal,’ ‘Purge the Deviant,’ and ‘Sum of Singularity.’  That said, I suggest you listen to it in it’s entirety than to single songs as this is an amazing Progressive Concept Album!  Highly Recommend!





UNCOMMON EVOLUTION ‘Junkyard Jesus’ EP Review & Stream

Junkyard Jesus EP – All Formats
Argonauta Records – Release Date: June 30, 2017
Review By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

From the high end low country of rural Montana comes the next step in the Darwinism advance of heavy rock, Uncommon Evolution and their latest 4 song EP, ‘Junkyard Jesus‘. Due for release this Friday, June 30th from Argonauta Records, this granite-hard slab of stupendous stoner rock is a monstrous movement crammed into a short-playing offering. Not unlike the Uncommon Evolution‘aries neighboring state South Dakota’s National Monument Mt. Rushmore, ‘Junkyard Jesus‘ deserves his very own recognition. Perhaps the residents of Montana might see fit to create their own tribute to their imminent favorite sons, Briar Gillund (vocals/guitar), Matt Niles (drums), Rick Bushnell (bass) and River Riotto (lead guitar).

What this fantastic foursome has carved out on this EP is nothing short of powerful and astounding, as well as energetic and enthralling. With mile-wide fuzzened riffs fueling these four cuts, they slither forward with swagger and surety. Gravity-generating grooves so deep they seem bottomless twist and turn without warning, pulling you along for the ride. All of this begins the very instant that the opening title track begins as “Junkyard Jesus” unfolds the tale of the regal one of refuse, the lord and master of scrappin’ himself, J.J. Rife with bluesy overtones and tightly packed rhythms, the song is an anthemic ode that serves to set things up for what may be my favorite song, the second cut, “Highly Modified Son Of A Bitch“. This slowly simmering scorcher is the kind of song only crafted after lengthy influence from the likes of Clutch, Planet Of Zeus or Wasted Theory. Its intertwining music and vocals yields a beefy number that is impossible to ignore.

The super cool infused sonics continue with the semi-doomish blues of “Feather Short Of Flight” as it alternates between slow jam verses and increasingly more uptempo choruses. Fat bottomed guitars churn and chug it out while the gargantuan, gravelly vocals spin yet another intriguing yarn you will refuse to resist. The subtle synths bubbling beneath the surface of the song at certain points is a damn fine touch too. Things end with the fourth and final track “King Of The Heep“, a furiously quickened cut that rips and tears along with some dizzying drums and outright intensity. The much more effect-heavy vocals are more aggressive, muddied with a seeming bloodthirstiness that works well within the confines of the song itself.

Grit, swagger, balls and burly machismo permeate each fiber and every moment of Uncommon Evolution‘s ‘Junkyard Jesus‘ EP. Still a relatively young band, one that formed in 2013 and has released two prior EPs, this latest effort from the irregular mutations is, simply put, remarkable. It is a fiercely unforgiving salvo of heavily southern-imbued stoner rock awesomeness and it will flat out rock you to your very core. Allow it to do so now via the Soundcloud embedded stream below and then go get this sumbitch this Friday, June 30th on Argonauta Records (purchase here).

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


The Hong Kong Sleepover “Bolshevik Firecrackers” Review + Stream + In Case…Series Episode 2

“In Case You Missed It” Series – Episode 2


Bolshevik Firecrackers – CD // DD

Self Released – December 7th 2013

Album Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Formed – 2007

From – Macomb, ILLINOIS USA

Current Lineup – Ted Renner – Lead Vox // Pete Thompson – Guitar & Vox // Mike Kump – Drums & Vox // Waylon Brown – Bass Guitar

Previous Releases – “Mustard” (2009) // “The Swedish Teaser” EP (2011) // “Bolshevik Firecrackers” (2013) // “Hey Santa” Single (2015)

These four guys from the Midwest have been slowly releasing tracks since shortly after they came together and state that, quote “If you put the over-produced bands of today and their mindless drones into a room and lit it on fire, the members of THE HONG KONG SLEEPOVER would be the ones standing outside drinking Miller High Life, shooting off automatic weapons and roastin’ marshmallows over those open flames. The more distorted and deranged you think we are, the closer you are to what drives us”, enquote. Quite the descriptor and citing MOTORHEAD, ANTHRAX and old school METALLICA as influences for what they do.  Combine all elements and the desired result for their live sets is to deliver that stripped-down, balls out, tour de force, honest approach to their craft and this, their latest release, “Bolshevik Firecrackers” is the result of that passion and drive.


Band Pic


Eleven songs and 44 minutes of raw, from-the-gut hard rock/metal is what lies in wait, from the loping bass intro of ‘Taste The Chain’ to the staggered drum intro to ‘Die Another Day.’  We are given all the trappings, from that ultra heavy bass line, the time-shifts from Hell, tempos and ultra-distorted guitars supporting a vocal style that tips its hat heavy to Lemmy in phrasing, tone and delivery, keeping that pure party-metal vibe running throughout. Tracks like ‘Hangman’, ‘Big John’, ‘The Ballad Of Malcom Reynolds’ and ‘Bleed To Win’ are faster romps that deliver with lyrics dripping with attitude and sneer, telling each tale with a fist gripped tight on your pulse and pulling for more.

‘356’ is even quicker with an almost DIMEBAG tone to the melody, while ‘Draw The Line’ is a good mid-tempo race across the flesh. ‘Boomstick’ is a story about the 1992 movie and Cult Classic Army of Darkness and the main character Ash Williams.  The track is a bit slower than the rest included here, but is filled with power-chords galore and a tempo that is like a freight train in how unrelenting it is for the duration, and ‘Not Enough Whiskey’ could very well have been lifted out of some old THIN LIZZY vault somewhere as the structure of the intro sounds very Irish in tone and progression, and is the quintessential drinking song.  It makes you want to raise a shot glass along with the boys, loudly singing along “Stagger, stagger, crawl, stagger, crawl, stagger drink… crawl, crawl, stagger, stagger, crawl, stagger drink!!”


The real standout track on this one for ME, is ‘In Nine Seconds’ for several reasons. The guitar line is unpretentious and gritty as fuck.  The tempo is nice and even, the bass line flows perfectly alongside, keeping things nice and plush in a heaviness that makes your head move involuntarily while the vocal line sounds NOTHING like the other 10 songs, so much so, I had to check for a guest vocalist in the credits. This song in particular shows that The Hong Kong Sleepover has more tricks up their collective sleeves than you might have guessed and in my opinion, shows a direction and possibility for any future releases that would serve them quite well.  Especially in a world saturated with those very cookie-cutter bands they talk about in their own description and shows that they do indeed have their OWN voice to add to the rock annals. In Case You Missed It…Get this one IMMEDIATELY, share it out and about and keep it LOUD!!

Fetal Pig “Autopia” Album Review + Stream + “In Case…Episode 2”

“In Case You Missed It” Series – Episode 2


Autopia – Vinyl // DD

Sump Pump Records – released October 14, 2011

Album Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr



LocationDes Moines, Iowa

Spring 1991 found brothers Dan Hutchison (g/v) and Jeff Hutchison (d) forming the band and after gigging around trying to find the right line-up and they released a 4-track EP in 1995 on cassette, before disbanding. Fast forward 15 years to July 2010 wherein the brothers returned , ready to go with Charles Hoffman (b/v) in tow to round out the lineup and they headed into the studio soon after to record their first full length release “Autopia”.

Consisting of 10 tracks making up this 45 minute slab of prog-punk that the band tries to underplay, describing themselves as quote “a pathologically eclectic old-school punk sort of power trio, or alternately, just 3 more kinda yelly white dudes, if a little on the middle-aged side, and FETAL PIG’s music (and lyrics) are fun, sarcastic and paranoid, combining the ferocity of punk with the angular guitar dissonance of post-hardcore noise rock, and the compositional ambition of prog rock” enquote.

Pro Band Pic

What is actually delivered is a slab of attitude and angst reflecting all of the vocal tendencies of punk heavyweights like JELLO BIAFRA and The DEAD KENNEDYS, the time-shift madness of THE MINUTEMEN basslines hammered hard-enough to knock you down and drumlines that seem perfectly accentuated by the twisted guitar meanderings that surround these tracks with all of the precision and seeming madness.  There is no denying that these guys have their mission and this is it.

Tracks like ‘Meaningless’ / ‘Concerns’ / ‘Identity Crisis’ and ‘Inside The Pyramid’ all have that punk-ish edge and a vocal line screaming of rage, discordant misplacement and anger while not giving a fuck that comes with the territory of our post-hardcore world, where ‘Power Slide’ shows an even more aggro-fast side.

‘The Piano Movers’ opens with this ultra precise bass line that kicks in with the rest and takes you on this almost dizzying ride of stop/start/shift tempo that pulls you along with an urgency to take it all in for the just over two minutes of mastery of their craft, not like the “middle-aged, yelly” guys they portray themselves to be and this proves it, while ‘New Apostles’ is as fast and frenetic as could be with dual-vocals and all, screams intact as the guitar-bee zips and zigs and zags all around, showing that progressive flavored-post-punk tag is indeed suiting.

Two tracks in particular stand out to ME on this and those are opener ‘The Dawning Of Autopia’ and closer ‘FP Vs. Mecha-Godzilla’ and if I get the chance to see these guys onstage, it would be utter perfection for them to play these two one after the other as the ultimate prog-punk jam song and would melt the crowd’s collective consciousness by the end of the combination. Each member shows off their individual musicianship and integrity during EACH of these instrumental offerings as well as a combined unit working in complete syncopation.

This album still sounds ‘new’ with each listen and is one you need to add to your library and share with ALL, if you haven’t done so already. Let’s hope the “NEXT” is in the works, to be released sooner than later… keep it LOUD!!

Live Band Pic

Spiritual Dope “Dopeland Blues” Album Review + Stream…


Dopeland Blues – Digital Download

Self Released – May 27, 2017

Album Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Location – Spain

Band Members – Jesús – Guitar/Vocals : James – Guitar : Eduardo– Bass :  Fernando – Drums

Self-described as three Spaniards and an American that came together sharing a love for stoner-rock and the blues, it is no surprise that this was recorded in Madrid, was subsequently released within the same month reported as recorded in and these six tracks are the first release from SPIRITUAL DOPE, using these 34 minutes as an introduction to this particular flavor to come to us from their minds to our ears. Smoke ’em if you got ’em…

Title track and opener ‘Dopeland Blues’ hits slow and heavy as one might have expected and the dual guitars take one side of the mix each and then weave back and forth as you exhale as deeply as this has made you breathe in, and there’s the rush… You inherently breathe in again, even deeper, holding it for all you are worth as the squeals jumping back and forth, through the bass that has your sternum pulsing and the cadence that your pulse has synced with. You exhale and grin wide in the ‘knowing’ and the stage has been set as this track flows as a tide slowly coming in and you can’t help but to keep looking through the dense fog in front of you as the cymbals wash across.


Whether you are a fan of instrumental tracks or not, this is indeed an incredible ‘first-taste’ across your lips. ‘Calcutta’ wastes no time jumping into a faster pace with an almost Texas-nasal quality to it that fits the chunky power chord assault that is the body of this rocker. Each member is spot-on and rolling hard, every break exact, each note screaming and you gotta have more to the point that just turning it up is not enough. ‘Karma’ is slower than the first two and Jesús’ voice is right there asking for you to ‘Let me count the ways’, and before you know it, that perma-grin is back on your face again, if it has left yet that is… pure stoner-bliss!! Whether you are baked, or not it is mesmerizing, and simply put, is just not long enough for me, even after the mad guitar break during the final section to the fade out.

‘Broken’ hits with a single, right side progression, before the left and rest are right back in front directed by that voice of rings in commanding presence to take you down this lane that suddenly kicks heavy as hell, not dropping a beat and chunky all over that again before shifting back with that virtuosity that requires that connection these guys have in FULL force as shown by this debut, SO rich in musicality and that ‘mojo’ that lacks too often, particularly from first-outings.

‘High’ really needs little mention, is the most cohesive pure-romp on this in MY opinion, and is the stand out for me and is one of those FULL-VOLUME compositions that could go on for another 10 minutes and would still leave you wanting more. Closer ‘In The Sky’ is almost sing-song for the two minute plus and the soft guitar tones suit the tone and when the solo section rings in, you are looking up with your mind’s eye as the strings command.

Pretty incredible album, hope they keep it coming as they have set the bar pretty high right out of the gate and get this one like, yesterday. Crank it up for all around you and support them live if you are given the privilege… keep it LOUD!!

Benthic Realm “Self Titled” Album Review + Stream…

Benthic Realm

Benthic Realm – CD // DD

Self Released – May 19, 2017

Reviewed by Santiago “Chags” Gutierrez


Krista Van Guilder is no stranger to the music scene, formerly providing her talents to Warhorse, Dahlia’s Dead, Lucubro, Obsidian Halo, and most recently, Second Grave. Second Grave put out some amazing music in the form of two EP’s and a full length, Blacken the Sky, which was their final output. Krista states that “it felt like a natural end to the band was surfacing” soon after the release of Blacken the Sky. Krista jumped at the chance to work with Brian Banfield (drums) after he mentioned that he wanted to start a new project. Second Grave bassist, Maureen Murphy, joined in and Benthic Realm was born soon after a few jamming sessions in Krista’s Massachusetts basement.

Benthic Realm is their three track debut. Krista’s vocal range sounding as wonderfully dynamic as ever. Her guitar work encompassing everything a doom heavy inspired hard rock record should sound like. Stripped down melodies and riffs that encircle the very essence of the genre. Murphy and Banfield forming a very competent rhythm section that holds the spirit of the offering together. The first two tracks, ‘Awakening’ and ‘Don’t Fall in Line’, are rooted in real world concerns. Krista mentions that ‘Awakening’ basically “is asking the question: Are we really aware of what is going on, or are we complacent to let others decide our future for us.?” She further elaborates that “Don’t Fall in Line” is “urging people to do something and not expect that everyone else will fight the fight for them.”


Pro Band Pic


Track three is where the benthic realm is explored. It summons subjugating rhythms and melodies from the darkest of the ocean floor. The album cover fitting the theme nicely. Lyrically, this one comes from a more fictitious angle. “The place where serpents dwell takes you down to hell.” One can’t help notice a certain Lovecraft feel to the overall composition. The sheer helplessness of the whole situation that the song conveys makes this a perfect album closer.

Recorded at Mad Oak Studios and produced by Benny Grotto, Benthic Realm is a strong, first introductory effort that shows how doom-centric hard rock should be delivered. A blueprint, if you will, that should be made note of. This small collection of tunes establishes a foundation of what is hopefully just the beginning of many more to come. Benthic Realm is available on Bandcamp, so go snag yourself a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

Arcadea “Arcadea” Album Review + Stream…

A Metal Synth-ony from Bizarro World


Arcadea – Vinyl // CD // DD

Relapse Records – released June 16, 2017

Reviewed by Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler

 Greeting tasters this is Terry the Ancient One. For the last few days now I have been listening to Arcadea the new “S/T” debut album by the super trio made up of drummer // vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Keyboardist Core Atoms of (Zruda & Gaylord) and Keyboardist // Guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered & Scarab). Having not even learned of Brann Dailor’s new band until recently, I had no clue what I was going to be listening to. The Result is a visionary, 10 song synth odyssey that was recorded at Orange Peel Studios in Atlanta, GA. The self-titled debut record will see its release via Relapse Records this June.

With song titles like ‘Army of Electrons’, and ‘Through The Eye of Pisces’ I figured this would be Space Rock or some kind of Heavy Psych. But what I heard took me completely by surprise  when I realized this was not just Space Rock or Heavy Psych.


Band Pic


A concept album Arcadea has said envisions a future 5 billion years from now, where the impending collision of galaxies creates a new order of planets. Where cold, distant moons pledge alliance to new suns and expanding gas giants implode into black holes. Ancient drones, forever adrift, record toxic tales of love between dying stars. Where lifeforms in suspended animation, dream among the ice rings of Saturn and cosmic war wages among gods and planets. It is in this universe that Arcadea reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction.

While some power trio purists may be butt hurt there are no fuzzy guitars or ponderously slow and sludge laden bass lines.  Rather, those who love progressive, heavy psychedelic rock, space rock, and electronica will love this album. Unlike some electronic driven rock music Arcadea does not sound plinky plonky or overly light and airy. Like The Alan Parsons Project of aulde, Brann, Core, Raheem prodigiously weave a tapestry of sound . Listeners will feel like they are taking a ride through space and time through a tapestry of psychedelic soundscapes.  To get the best effect I would recommend using a pair of headphones unless you have a kick ass stereo.

Malefic House “Tetramorph” Album Review + Stream…

Malefic House

Tetramorph – Digital Download

Self Released: May 28, 2017

Reviewed by Santiago “Chags” Gutierrez


Ah Russia, land of cold climate, bears, vodka, and Malefic House. The band started out as a cover band back in 2008 playing Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, and Jimi Hendrix songs. Eventually they decided to make their own music which resulted in a “Self-Titled” EP. A shift in band members followed soon after. The change proved to be a positive one, as this current line-up has the chemistry and the focus their previous incarnation lacked. The band members have a varied background consisting of blues, folk, metal, hard rock, doom, stoner, and prog. Listening to Tetramorph, you can surely see how most of those elements have come together to form a rather unique sound.

 According to Lena Kataykina (vocals), the four-track album follows a concept based on four cardinal points. Each song represents a different character: a sailor, a freedom fighter, a pharaoh, and a priestess. Each one embodying a different class, age group, culture, and element of nature. Each persona breaking superstitious boundaries and fears along their journeys. Lena states the concept was four years in the making, so it’s truly been a labor of love for this DIY band.



‘1,000 Bulls for Pontus’ opens the record with a rather long intro which serves to gradually set up what follows. Once Lena’s bluesy, soulful voice hits the speakers, the picture becomes clearer. This is a wonderful amalgam of 70s psych, occult tinged stoner rock that is unlike most of what their contemporaries are offering up these days. ‘Geronimo’ follows up with a rather unique drum pattern about half way into the track courtesy of Dima Dvornikov. Artem Zibrov providing a wonderfully amazing psychedelic trip of a guitar solo midway through ‘Mother of the Void.’ ‘Har’ finalizes the offering with an adventurous bass line at the tail end of this musical journey courtesy of Sergei Kataykin. All the moving parts of this band meshing incredibly well throughout.

Malefic House’s geographic location (Russian Federation) has proven advantageous as it has allowed Malefic House to create a peculiar blend of psych/stoner rock that is all their own. So, do these characters meet a malefic, doomed fate after what they endure during their bizarre nightmare odysseys? I can’t possibly spoil the fun. Listen and find out for yourselves. You can find Tetramorph over at bandcamp.

Pro Band Pic


Wheeler Walker Jr. “Redneck Shit” Album Review + Videos…

Wheeler Walker Jr.

Redneck Shit – Vinyl // CD // DD

Pepper Hill Records – Released: February 12, 2016

Reviewed by: Rhett “Loose Change” Huebschmann

In Case You Missed It – Weekly Series!!


I love outlaw country. Love it! I grew up in Podunk, Kentucky, and the best radio station signal came from a country station about 20 miles away. I’m sure that if my grandparents had a better radio, I could have listened to other stations when I went to visit, but the already 30-plus-year-old radio that played all weekend long was always stuck on that same station…93.3 WKYQ – 24-Karat Country!



They even had a rabbit as a mascot. I got to grow up listening to Willie, Waylon, and the boys. This is back when it was “just country.” Wheeler Walker, Jr’s ‘Redneck Shit’ is a throwback to those old days… and then, a lot more… Be afraid…Be very afraid. You may think you know outlaw country, but you haven’t heard anything like this.

This is some of the most raunchy, dirty, and homoerotic – yep, homoerotic – madness I’ve ever heard. It has all the stereotypes of the South you’ve ever thought of, plus some that even I’ve never heard of. This is sister-fucking, Tranny-fucking, pussy-eating, dick-sucking, zit-popping insanity. I never thought that a country album would require a certain knowledge of who you wanted to share it with.



I’d almost be more comfortable asking someone if the growth on my taint looked infected, and then ask them for detailed commentary, than share this with the guy in the office that likes what passes for country these days. Matthew, you definitely picked the right guy. I laughed my ass off all the way through, and then listened again, so I could hear the stuff I missed while I was laughing, and then laughed some more. If you are faint of heart, liver, butthole, spleen, pituitary, etc, you should refrain from listening to this album. If bad, naughty words make you cringe, and run like a little whiny bitch, you should never consider even thinking about this album. If you have that type of sense of humor that makes all your friends send you the weird shit they find on the internet, then this album is for you.

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My new album “Ol’ Wheeler” is out NOW.

Ol Wheeler Promo Pic