Who is Taste Nation LLC?

My name is Matthew D. Thomas, Owner of Taste Nation LLC!!  Welcome to our New Website!!

Three years ago I decided to leave Corporate America and develop our state of the art, interactive Website for the Independent Global Music Community.  I am excited to share with you our official launch and welcome you to grow with us!  

Plainly, our business is to help yours.  We have provided a brief outline and look forward to speaking with you to discuss all the features and benefits this robust website offers.

What Do We do?

Taste Nation actively assists in Enhancing Your Brand by:
•  360°Marketing, Advertising and Promotions
•  Control YOUR Brand with our Customized, Interactive Micro-Sites.
•  Leverage our Proprietary Non-Linear Marketing.
•  Features & Promotions for Your Venue throughout Website.
•  Provide continuity with your current online footprint.

*We give you the power to control your Brand, Promotions, Commerce and your ever growing footprint on our website.  

*We help bring New prospective Concert Goers, Fans, Partners and more to you.  

*Your investment of $25/month will provide you a return many times over.

** 100% of all Sales Generated from your Micro-Site goes back to you and your business.

 **You have complete control of your customized, interactive Micro-Site where you can make changes anytime from any Electronic Device at no additional cost to you.



What is a Taste Nation Micro-Site?

* We provide you a comprehensive template for you to communicate, connect with and sell to: Fans, Customers and concert goers from around the world.  

* Full Integration of Social Media Outlets with Real Time Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds that sync with your existing and future accounts and much more.

* (Venues) Post your Concert Calendar, create SoundCloud Playlist of the bands playing & sell tickets where concert goers can buy from any electronic device directly from your Micro-Site.

* Bands will be able to book their tours by utilizing our Venue Partners, like yours, which Taste Nation will assist and help connect the dots  

Concert goers can View your Concert Calendar, Listen to who is playing and Buy tickets within 5 minutes from any Electronic Device, including Cell Phones and Tablets.  Everything is a call-to-Action.   

Taste Nation is creating an Independent Digital Music Community that connects
    * Concert Venues
    * Records Shops
    * Record Labels
    * Bands
    * Fans

Along with the aforementioned, our vibrant News/Reviews Section, filled with Album Reviews, Band/Artist Interviews, Music Videos, Partner Spotlights, will bring new people to YOUR Digital Taste Nation Doorstep.

Concert Venue Story

Scenario – Tara and Jim are visiting Los Angeles for the first time.  Among all the site seeing they want to see a live concert but don’t know where to begin.  They need a venue where they can take a taxi, do not have a lot of money to spend, want to go to a smaller venue so they can get close to the bands and most importantly go to a show that fits their taste in music.  

Solution – They can use their laptop, tablet or mobile phone to go to www.TasteNationLLC.com where a list of venues will appear based on their current location or desired location.  They can click on a venue’s customized & interactive Micro-Site, check out the size of the Venue, review their weekend’s concert calendar, listen to the scheduled bands via Soundcloud and buy tickets all without leaving the website, under 10 minutes all from their cell phone!


Record Store / Record Label Micro-Site




Record Store / Record Label Story

Scenario –  Julie and Bobby are in college and are getting exposed to Independent Music from their new college friends.  They want to find a local record shop to buy some Music and start building their Music Library but are overwhelmed with all the music out and do not know what is good and bad and what will fit their taste in music!! 

Solution – Julie and Bobby search Taste Nation LLC’s Directories from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to search and locate a Record Store close by that specializes in the genres they like and are interested in and / or a Label that feature similar bands on their roster.  The couple can go to our Record Shop / Label Directories to find, research and buy music by going to the Shop, have them mail the music they want or go see a live in-store performance from a Taste Nation supporting band.  They can also find any of our many label partners and buy from anywhere in the world without leaving our website, YOUR Micro-Site all from their mobile phone!!