Album Review – DOOL “Here Now, There Then”

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Here Now, There Then – Vinyl / CD / DD / Book / More…

Prophecy Records – Release Date February 17, 2017


From the opening progression of notes, it is apparent that, as DOOL themselves describe, there is something stirring underneath the fumes of Rotterdam and it is rising to the surface as so much cream rises to the top. Featuring the rhythm section from THE DEVIL’S BLOOD and joined by a twin guitar assault that perfectly frames the power of the voice that emanates forth to take you with, wandering through dim streets, out of the confines of the city and into the wild that lurches just past, with tales of dark caves inhabited by ghosts to the deep abyss of a broken heart. Imposing, ominous and at times, sensual and teasing, it is time to  lock it down and close your eyes kiddies… DOOL has the wheel and this ride is but a beginning.

Singer/guitarist Ryanne van Dorst lends her voice to the delivery of clarity and entices you to ‘turn it up’ so you don’t miss a word she offers while Micha Haring (drums) and Job van de Zande (bass) build the foundation of each song, allowing guitarists Reiner Vermeulen and Nick Polak to complete the unique recipe for each of these eight ‘morsels’ that are offered for ravenous consumption with this debut release.


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DOOL describes ‘Here Now, There Then’ as such – “The album is about dreaming, ambition, and will; about breaking boundaries and behavioral patterns, destroying stigmas. The phrase ‘Here Now, There Then’ is a mantra for whomever needs it. Whichever way one chooses to use it. This is the Shadowlands between fantasy and reality.  A lucid fairy tale set against a concrete background.

Ten + minute opener ‘Vantablack’ demonstrates that DOOL is exactly as they describe themselves and are not afraid to let you know from the onset. Harmonic vocals draw you closer as Ryanne takes you along the path of the ‘tip of her tongue’ into the realm of the imposing and ominous… truly a song about vicious cycles and negative behavioral patterns. Featuring guest vocals by Farida Lemouchi.


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“In Her Darkest Hour” begins with the sound of what can best be described as a child’s toy piano before the snapping snare takes you into this tale of someone that wishes to be someone/somewhere else to find the elusive eternal happiness that always seems to elude. Delivered with a vocal that shows the influence of bands like GHOST and SISTERS OF MERCY with a hypnotic flow that washes over as the mist swirls just beyond reach.

Tracks ‘The Death Of Love’ / ‘Oweynagat’ / ‘Golden Serpents’ and ‘Words On Paper’ show the mix of goth-pop and psych-metal in a manner much like GUANO APES while ‘She-Goat’ hints at SONIC YOUTH as ‘The Alpha’ resembles a mix of equal parts TOOL and early EVERGREY sealed with Ryanne’s own breath marking the taste as her own.

DOOL states on their Facebook page that they are bending their nature to find their true identity; with “Here Now, There Then” they have found it indeed…

Words by Ric “Sui-Syko” Dorr

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