Album Review – Lecherous Gaze “One Fifteen”

LG_cover_One Fifteen Album Cover


One Fifteen – Vinyl / CD / DD

Tee Pee Records – Release Date:  February 10th, 2017

Founded in Oakland, CA in 2010 citing to be the balls-deep bad-assery that would come from combining all of the sweet guitar based, no bullshit rock and/or roll of MC5 and BLACK FLAG to CHUCK BERRY, THE DAMNED and most in between, using that as the prow of a mighty ship cutting through a sea of turd to bring dangerously heavy rock to the masses. Three maxi singles and two full length releases later, LECHEROUS GAZE has become known for their punk riffs, wailing rock solos and shrieked vocals as well as having self-proclaimed themselves as the ‘#1 rockin’ band in the entire world.’ This third full length may be the one to show the rest of the world exactly what they mean…


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Six seconds into the title track ‘One Fifteen’ anybody that is a fan of these five guys will notice something new; a clean surf-punk ‘DICK DALE sounding guitar mixed among the power chords letting you know this is not just ‘more of the same’. All elements LECHEROUS GAZE are present including that NASHVILLE PUSSY type vocal growl/sneer and this clean tone on top shows a willingness to keep ‘adding to the dish’, giving another spice to take in.

‘Reptile Minds’/’Cosmos Redshift 7’/’The Day The earth Caught Fire’ show that this band carry on with their all-out jam mentality, while ‘Thing Within’ reflects a maturity both in songwriting and musicianship. Standout for me on this release has to be ‘X City’ that brings everything together in the most coherent track to date from… the all-out guitar-gasm that really begins at the 2:16 mark will make your knees weak, fade to the 70’s keyboard taking you somewhere back into ELP‘s practice space. Perfect ending to this half hour jaunt, grab it asap!!

Words by Ric “Sui-Syko” Dorr

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