STRANGE CLOUDS ‘Calm Before The Storm’ Review & Stream

Strange Clouds EP

From Poznań, Poland we have received the impressive new effort from Strange Clouds, ‘Calm Before The Storm‘. This five song album possesses an interesting potency of melodic rock that’s founded on bluesy swagger and solid playing. Those bringing that surety through in the music are vocalist/guitarist Lucky, guitarist Żożo, drummer Czarek and bassist Kajo. What they manage to capture in that self-same music are hazy, ethereal qualities that add an intriguing texturing to these songs. Laid back with a definite carefree vibe to them, songs like the scorching introductory cut ‘Heal The Ghosts‘ hit great heights within their groove-laden release. Killer guitar work is stitched throughout the song, including some cool, meandering moments laced with trippy psyche touches.

There’s an undeniable commercially appealing side to much of this material too as I can see tracks like ‘Black Souls‘, ‘Jupiter‘ or ‘The Tempest‘ resonating well with fans of bands like Pink Floyd. Their lysergic, heady elements provide a nice tapestry of otherworldly states of consciousness for the listener to get lost within. Harmonious with abundant tranquility to spare sums them up rather nicely. Speaking of nicely, my favorite track is the stellar ‘Perdurabo‘, a crawling, slower tempo song. It’s tight with powerful interaction between the guys’ playing, pulling you along like a rhythmic rollercoaster you never want to end.

In closing, the Strange Clouds guys themselves have dubbed their music as “strange rock” and that more than relates exactly what they’ve got going on here quite well. ‘Calm Before The Storm‘ manages to walk a line between chilled, relaxed flavoring and interesting intensities. It keeps you locked into its audio spaciness with great music and ambient vibes while the vocals are clean and just right to accompany it. Check out the Bandcamp embedded stream of the album below. – Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

RIYL: Pink Floyd, Genesis, Incubus

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