Swamp Devil “Pioneers” Album Review + Stream…

Pioneers_Album Cover

Swamp Devil

Pioneers – CD // DD

Self Released – released February 28, 2017

Reviewed by Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler


For about 7 years now Portland Oregon’s Swamp Devil has been rocking the it’s fans with their unholy blend of  contemporary and classic heavy metal that produces them doom riffs that make you shout “Woo Goddamn!!” Released February, 2017 the bands 3rd album Pioneers about the Gold Rush and it takes us on a journey into Americas past. In the grooves of the album Swamp Devil tells the listener how the American Dream can become the American Nightmare.

While I think all stoner/doom metal bands have a Black Sabbath influence some never seem to get beyond Black Sabbath worship. Yes Black Sabbath are metal gods but they only wrote the 1st chapter of the metal play book it is all the other bands that followed them that have written and are continuing to write the next chapters. Which I think bands like Swamp Devil are doing. Listening to “Pioneers” I could hear influences of younger bands like The Sword and older ones like The Misfits. Besides getting the  overall stoner/doom metal sound I loved in Pioneers I like how the band delivered a profound message didn’t confuse the message without a bunch of cosmic in an attempt to sound profound.

Swamp Devil  mixes well with The Sword, Clutch, Classic Heavy Metal, and of course Black Sabbath. Pioneers is an album you will want to listen to from beginning to end and at Volume 11.  If you like it you can also buy the bands full digital discography at a 25% discount for $14.99 on Bandcamp.

Swamp Devil:

Jesse Darling-Bass, Vocals
Steve Early-Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Bowden-Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Steve Nobles-Drums

Taste Nation’s Swamp Devil Physical Collection:
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