Turtle Skull “Self Titled” Album Review + Stream…

Turtle Skull

Turtle Skull – Digital Download // Band Shirt Bundles

Self Released – releases May 17, 2018

Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler

Surfing the Psychedelic Sound Waves



No News is Bad News – 6:56
Take it or Leave It – 8:27
Eden – 6:08
Empty Ships – 8:23


Ah…Spring has sprung. The trees are leafing and flowers blooming and I feel the urge to leave my cave behind and go bike riding. But to do that I need some good riding music and in my collection I have quite a bit to choose that covers a wide spectrum of styles.

Most recently I added a “Self Titled” EP by the self described Flower Doom  rockers from Sydney Australia called Turtle Skull who will be debuting the download of their EP on Bandcamp this May 17th 2018. Available for Pre – order now for $1 US I’d feel like I was ripping them off if I didn’t pay $5. Offering up what sounds to me like surf music infused with psychedelic feel good fuzz I find it easy to not care about trivial things when I listen to it. While I am not going to claim Turtle Skull is the next Earthless I feel pretty safe saying they have a lot of potential and I’d buy a full length album if they produce one.

Live Band Shot

Opening the EP is No News is Bad News a trippy fuzzadelic song about tuning out the talking heads on TV that encourage us to buy into their vision of a plastic paradise that we all to often buy into. What I like most about this are the droning vocals and guitars that feel like they are coming from the deep.

With a steady mid tempo rhythm that keeps things simple Take It Or Leave It has the rolling feel of a classic surf song. Overall, what I enjoyed was its catchy feel.

Nothing like having drums and guitars create a rhythm which Turtle Skull does masterfully.

Moving into a more visceral sound is Eden the 3rd track is my favorite on the EP. What I like most is that naughty guitar played by vocalist guitarist Dean.

Closing “Turtle Skull” is the psychedelic blues song Empty Ships that feels like a midnight swim under the stars. Deans smooth vocals and guitar along with Dan on synth set the mood for the song and proved to me they can do more than just sound more fuzzed. This debut album is an excellent start for this promising band.  I look forward to what they have in store for us in the near future.  Highly Recommend!!

Pro Band Pic

Doom Side Of The Moon “Self Titled” Album Review + Music Video…


Released – August 4th, 2017

Limited Vinyl // CD // DD // Tons of Merchandise

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


When The Boss said he had this one needing a review, I HAD to jump on it. Being a fan of The Pink Floyd from waaaaaaaay-back, I still have the tour poster from the first time I saw them when I was a little-little for “Atom Heart Mother”, I auto-salivate when someone does an ‘update’ of anything from Pink Floyd and this was no exception. I dug around for any press about it and was overjoyed when I came across this:
“To celebrate 50 years of Pink Floyd releasing music that changed the world, guitarist Kyle Shutt (The Sword) has produced a heavy metal cover of PF‘s seminal album, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. Having recruited vocalist Alex Marrero (Brownout/Brown Sabbath), saxophonist Jason Frey (Black Joe Lewis/Hard Proof), and keyboardist Joe Cornetti (Croy and The Boys), Shutt tapped his bandmates from The Sword, Bryan Richie and Santiago Vela III, to record his vision. Engineered and Mixed by Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Rocket From The Crypt), the resulting band and album have been dubbed “Doom Side of the Moon“.

Live from Austin, Texas (Picture by Sandy Carson)Live Band Pic


My jaw dropped as I recognized names and could not wait to hear what could very well be the quintessential interpretation for THIS century of an essential album that was a large portion of the LAST century.

To call this a ‘cover album’ is in no way an accurate descriptor as in this represents more of a re-interpretation and update… and remember, this is DOOM Side… darker than dark and with an undertone that could be even more ‘sinister’. Most of the ‘noises’ are replaced by sounds that can only be described as out of the shadows and not so easily defined. It is complete with the perfectly rolling synth’s during ‘On The Run’, to the transition into ‘Time’ that instead of the Chiming clocks and bells that we all know to be the opening of, Shutt instead went with what to ME sounded like the opening notes of PF‘s ‘Astronomy Domine’ as the rollover into and it is absolute genius, a perfect fit!!



The keyboard intro to ‘Great Gig…’ is chilling and when the sax enters for the vocal line, it is the ultimate salute to the original track and not a desecration as there is no denying the notes are all there with as much heart and fervor as Clare Torry herself put into it.

No coin sounds for ‘Money’ but straight into the progression and then it gets LOUD and ugly in the perfect sneer that greets us with the opening lyric hitting right between your eyes, never ending relevance intact, all the way to “…that do-goody-good bullshit” until the speed kicks in and you are rolling right alongside, screaming guitars and all. Sonic rendering of without a flinch and is right on time as even the end section rips and tears.  It is almost divine in fuzzed out splendor fading off into ‘Us & Them’ that is ghost-like in presentation and shines as bright as, beginning to end as does the rest of the tracks offered here.

It has also been reported that there is a tour in the works to support this amazing output. Purportedly, because Shutt likes to think big, he couldn’t just stop after recording the album. Doom Side of the Moon will be playing their album in its entirety along with other PF favorites set to a spectacular laser-light visual experience performed by The Mustachio Light Show (Levitation/Desert Daze/NRMAL) as scheduling allows. Reverend Guitars, with whom Shutt recently released a signature guitar, will be sponsoring the live show.

Get this IMMEDIATELY into your library and by all means go and witness this spectacle live, taking every person you can and keep it LOUD!! Re-arrange me til I’m sane…


Vinyl of Album

Bloodnut “St. Ranga” Album Review + Stream…


St. Ranga – CD // DD

Self Released – Released August 1, 2017

Reviewed by Aaron “Red Beard” Wall


Bloodnut…the burly, bearded, ballistic, berserkers of fiery red have returned to pillage and destroy. St. Ranga, is the sophomore follow up to their acclaimed debut, Blues for the Red Sons.  This slab of concrete has progressed the Bloodnut accoutrement immensely. While some of the tongue in cheek humor remains, the ginger heavyweights have upped the seriousness factor. St. Ranga is still fun, but its definitely not funny. Heavy stoner, massive sludge, and raw punk rebellion. Normally a three piece, Bloodnut recorded the album as a four piece. Adding a second guitar to the fold, which lends extra girth and goodness. Doug McFarlane-Bass/Vox, Nick Smith-guitar, Kyle Wetton-guitar, and Ty Boniface-drums are here to viscerally eviscerate.

Opening salvo, ‘The Space Orangutan’ builds a force of fuzz. Slowly creeping, raising the cackles. Down tempo and enveloping distortion, as Doug raises his vocal game tremendously.  Oddly, but very intriguingly sounds like the Doors in mood…albeit much heavier. The drums pause to let the main riff show its head. The redheaded beasts then explode in full on stoner glory. The chugs begin as the groove runs full steam ahead. The vocals are gravel, but with soul you can feel. No doubt Bloodnut bring the heavy, but also have an excellent underlying melodious factor that grips. The second half ups the tempo and the dirt. The brood throws in a shredding solo, then beats you into submission until ‘The Space Orangutan’ has destroyed you.

Full Band Pic_8-6-2017

‘Mark of the Outcast’ is four minutes of straight up beast mode. Huge High of Fire-esque intro, into a mid-tempo sludge toe tapper. Tunes like this are the reason I am completely on board with the boys in Bloodnut. Heavy as gigantic balls, while always retaining a soulfulness that is undeniably felt throughout.

Next up is ‘That Fire Inside’  This song is straight up raw punk filth. Quick bass intro and cymbal grabs, prime the ears for a fury of fiery flames.  Gruff vocals, raw guitars, pounding drums of perfection. This jam is a sharp, powerful, quick punch to the gut. You will be doubled over, in glorious pain.

‘Burning Bush’ brings back the cheeky lyrics, but there is absolutely no joking going on instrumentally. Bringing some of the thickest riffs on St. Ranga, and multiple tempo changes keep the listener blissfully on their toes. The song is executed masterfully. The riffs are sweet, the rhythms are tasty and the vocals outshine anything previously in the Bloodnut catalog.

‘Red Dead Riders’ is a sing along song. Dirty and rough musically with huge choruses. This track is a journey across the desert, looking for blood, on the back of a mammoth steed. Kicking up dust and spit, only in death do we quit. Standout song on a stand alone album.

Closing St. Ranga is ‘Song of Fire and Ice.’ No explanation needed on this song. Best song on the record in my humble opinion.

Bloodnut have composed an album more crushing and weighty than an avalanche of boulders. The fire headed gang of badasses continually bruise and batter eardrums. St. Ranga is an escape into landscapes of flame. Visions of battle and triumph. A plethora of genres in relation to all things heavy. No pigeonholing Bloodnut. New Zealand has something to be extremely proud of in this band of gingered berserkers.  These redheads have definitively smashed the sophomore slump with a battle axe. A record filled with passion and soul, drums that roll, and riffs that are raw while still being in full control. Take a pilgrimage in St. Ranga, and prepare to shed blood. It is worth it.

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