CRAWL To Release Ltd. Number 7″; ’30 Year Suicide’ b/w ‘Pornography Of Grief’ Review

Atlanta’s embodiment of sonic savagery, Crawl, are back with a new limited pressing 7″, ‘30 Year Suicide‘. While the release date is yet TBA, the 300 count EP (250 black vinyl, 50 gray w/ black specks) is imminent via Russia’s Bad Road Records. Artwork for the effort was created by Eric C. Harrison. Further details and pre-order info will be provided soon.

Now, with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the music. If you are already in the loop and know about ATL’s Crawl, then you know that they play no frills, no-bullshit, straightforward heavy ass sludgened doom. ‘30 Year Suicide‘ is the next step in the band’s legacy and finds guitarist/vox Eric Crowe, bassist Patrick Lowe and drummer Tommy Butler doing what they do best. Channeling emanations resulting from time spent in the dark realms of anxiety and mental breakdowns, these two cuts are plodding dirges of horrific bleakness. For the record, Tommy Butler recently exited Crawl and they are currently seeking his replacement.

Pornography Of Grief’ is a slow descent into funeral doom-fueled despair, one where down-tuning and feedback navigate the fall. Acidic vocals screech across the invisible airwaves while hopelessness seems to resonate right along with them. The guitar solos are quite powerful, minimalist and poignant while the track takes you right up to the brink of the abyss. Haunting notes begin to reverberate, announcing the arrival of ‘30 Year Suicide‘ with a simple guitar/vocal intro segment. Things begin to simmer with eerie noise effects and slow-churned drumming before the full eruption of the track’s hellish aural agony is fully pronounced. Crowe takes a much different vocal approach here as well, one with bellowing guttural, death metal-ish vocalizations.

Doom, progressive sludge, post-hardcore…call the latest Crawl offering, ‘30 Year Suicide‘, whatever you want really. It all fits while also barely scratching the surface of what is being explored here. It will be available for you to suffer along with soon too, if you dare because one thing is more than certain: If ATL is The Dirty South, then Crawl comes forth from a place that is The Unworthy’s South Of Heaven.

Crawl 7