CACHEMIRA “Jungla” Album Review & Stream…


Jungla – Vinyl // CD // DD

Heavy Psych Sounds – released May 12, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr



Formed August 2015

Location Barcelona, Spain

Band Members –  Gaston Lainé · Guitar & Vocals / Pol Ventura · Bass & Vocals / Alejandro Carmona · Drums

This three man-band is steeped DEEP in the 70’s acid-head/stoner fuzzed out and wah’d up rock-n-roll sounds of guitar driven spaced out soloing and insane twists and turns in tempo as any progressive maniac lives for.  They list their influences from “the hard blues bands, fuzz sounds and wah wah of the 70s, with some space rock spirit” and wave that flag proudly as these five songs show.


Live Band Pic


Don’t let the name fool ya, translating as Cashmere, there is nothing soft about CACHEMIRA.  Songs like ‘Sail Away’, tell a tale full of multi layered guitars and keyboard overtones with that driving shuffle tempo of “When the sirens….”, instrumental ‘Oeverture’ with the stoned out bliss-filled meanderings of a good mushroom-flashback.

‘Goddess’ rips from the gate in fuzzed out full force for the first minute, slowly fade out to guitar warbling and wash cymbals galore and a jazz runs fill the air as we are given the tale of one as “She has been since the beginnings of time…” over the course of 8-minutes plus for this opus.  The advanced single (released in January 2017) ‘Overpopulation’ has that almost MOXY 70’s feel with the frenetic opening that has that roll that players like JOE WALSH loves to use still that seemed to have been perfected “back when” before the story unfolds about how we, i.e. mankind, is “Out of control…”



The “stand-out” track on this one for me is the title track ‘Jungla’ with it’s glorious fast-paced beginning that jumps right into gear with all the virtuosity from each member cranked beyond maximum to give one of those songs that just consumes you from the inside and you want more and more. If any of them get a video treatment, I would vote for this one to be the single for. Get it NOW, share it with every body and see ’em live if they come to your shores as I have a feeling they are one of ‘those bands’ that make each show a party to be remembered… and as always, keep it LOUD!!

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The Bluestone “The Seed” – Album Review & Stream…

The Bluestone

The Seed – CD // DD

Self Released: November 27, 2015

Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler


Hey all this is The Ancient One inviting you all to listen to a Trio of rockers Marcos (guitarist & vox), Julen (drums & vox) and Jorge (bass) from Madrid, Spain who call themselves The Bluestone. After seeing their video ‘Georgetown’ on YouTube I had to see if I could purchase their music on my favorite music platform Bandcamp, and happily discovered the bands Debut album The Seed was there waiting for me to listen to it.  Yes, this was released back in 2015 but has seemingly flown under the radar.  Until NOW!!



Recorded over 3 days in a small studio I imagine the music had to be done in as few takes as possible, as studio time can be expensive. In a conversation I had with Marcos via private messenger on Facebook I learned that this was done like a live recording. Meaning the band all sits in the studio playing the music rather than being recorded individually then having their parts mixed and mastered by the sound engineer. While some may shrug this off as no big deal, conversely, it IS because that means the band works well together and the listener gets to hear what the band sounds like on stage from the comfort of their headphones in your mom’s basement or in at your House Party. Yep, it’s that diverse!



The Bluestone may call themselves a Grunge band with a delicate progressive taste. But they also add some psychedelic fuzz mixed with Spanish and Arabic guitar playing methods leads me to call them desert  rock especially when I listen to the politically charged ‘Georgetown’. But does genre really matter when the music is good? If you like bands such as Greenleaf or just good ROCK ‘N’ ROLL then I recommend yo purchase The Bluestone’s album The Seed.  Some of my favorite tracks are ‘Faster’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Black Belly’, ‘Georgetown’, and ‘Stoned’.  To quote the band, They call their sound “Pure dirty rock that can make you jump on any stage!!!”