Album Review – Dr. Boctor’s Medicine Band “Old Bottles, New Medicine”

Dr. Boctor’s Medicine Band

Old Bottles, New Medicine

Psychedelic/Jazz Fusion/Blues/Funk/Garage/Krautrock

Digital (Bandcamp only) Release: January 20, 2017


There isn’t anybody out there (myself definitely included) who hasn’t thrown around the words “original” and/or “unique” a little too much or even when we want to make a more dramatic point that doesn’t really apply. If something can be realistically labeled as such, that doesn’t necessarily make it good either (I’m talking to you, Yoko Ono). Fortunately for your ears and mine, ol’ Doc Boctor and his musical “Licensed Practicing Nurses” are both very different and wickedly enjoyable. Now the problem is trying to tell you just how….


Painting of Band


Last year, it was Odd Couple’s wildly diverse, yet remarkably cohesive “Flugge” (see review HERE) that hit me in a similar fashion, but DBMB somehow pulls even more influences successfully into the mix, albeit in a different style of sound. The main blueprint used is one of garage/psych rock circa 1966 fused with the jazzy, spacey underground from the beginning of that most glorious decade, the 70’s. This means you can hear a wide variety of classic, obscure bands/influences anywhere, at any time. Imagine The Seeds, Electric Prunes, 13th Floor Elevators and the like crash headlong into, then fusing effortlessly with Thirsty Moon, Zappa, Kraan and Skin Alley. Listen a little closer still, and you will find snippets of 50’s, surf and funk as well. Are you thinking all this can’t possibly work? Think again.

So, when all is said and done, you really do have something of a quite special listening experience in “Old, Bottles, New Medicine”. It’s the kind of release that only pops up a few times in a given year and needs to be obtained. The sound, feel and even the private-pressing look to the album’s cover all scream 1971 or ’72 at its most adventurous and eclectic. Get your carcass over to Bandcamp and let Dr. Boctor fill your prescription- NOW!

Words by David “The Lovely” LaMay