Bludy Gyres “Echoes of a Distant Scream” Album Review + Stream…

Bludy Gyres

Echoes of a Distant Scream – Vinyl // CD // DD

SoMan Records – February 1, 2017

Reviewed by Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler


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                       Sabbuth Bludy Sabbuth


With it’s roots in the music of the legendary metal icons Black Sabbath, doom metal is one of my favorite sub-genres of metal. So when Matthew at Taste Nation LLC asked me to review Bludy Gyres album Echos of a Distant Scream I didn’t hesitate to accept the opportunity. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the doom metal quartet made up of guitarist Isidore Herman, drummer Dennis Reid, and ex-Hallows Eve members bassist and frontman Tommy Stewart, and guitarist Chris Abbamonte founded their band as  Bludy Gyres in 2014. After releasing the “Self Titled” EP Bludy Gyres and the 18 minute single Behold! Your World Now Burns, Bludy Gyres released the single Defy the Lie produced at Tommy Stewart’s Blue Ogre Noise Lab and released in 2016 as a sample of what will be the full length album for their 2017 release Echos of a Distant Scream.  The band signed on with Bordeaux, France’s SoMan Records for this album offering Limited Edition Vinyl and CDs.

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Listening to Bludy Gyres debut LP Echos of a Distant Scream was quite the experience. Rather than concentrate on monotonously slow sluggish music that is full of feedback and growling vocals, Bludy Gyres takes a more classic approach to doom metal. Like early British doom metal bands such as Black Sabbath the music is bass heavy however the band threw the power trio book out of the window and incorporates elements of early British Prog such one might hear in the music of King Crimson. This is done by having dual guitarists Isador Herman and Chris Abbamonte share the stringed instrument duties with  bassist and frontman Tommy Stewart. While drummer Dennis Reid besides setting and keeping the tempo helps fill in the sonic atmosphere creating sounds on his drums vocals and stringed instruments can’t. My favorite songs from this album are ‘O.O.D.’ and ‘Live to Bleed.’


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If you like classic British doom metal and Progressive Rock Echos of a Distant Scream will impress you immensely. Echos of a Distant Scream is available for digital download on Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes. For those that want a CD or Limited Vinyl, I recommend the band’s Bandcamp Page (below).



Bludy Gyres is  Facebook
CHRIS ABBAMONTE -guitar Chris’ Facebook Page
DENNIS REID -drums Dennis’ Facebook Page

ISIDORE HERMAN -guitar Isidore’s Facebook Page

TOMMY STEWART – bass, vocals Tommy’s Facebook Page