ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY ‘Moonshiner’ EP Review & Stream; Official Video

Moonshiner EP – Ltd. Ed. CD//Cassette
El Diablo Records – Release Date March 24th, 2017
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Let’s be honest, one does not usually associate moonshine with Paris, France. That is especially true when you reside in the mountains of Appalachian Kentucky like I do, a place that’s pretty much the home of moonshine. But none the less, we are indeed here to talk about moonshine albeit a much different kind than what you are probably thinking of. See, in this case the moonshine in question is the newly distilled 3-song ‘Moonshiner‘ EP from the Parisians in Electric Jaguar Baby. Oh, and the duo at the heart of this blend, Frank D. and Antonio D., have concocted quite an inebriating mash on this run.

Things get fired up here with the blisteringly high energy, fuzz-fattened riffs of ‘The One“. With a cadence-like fury that propels the song ever forward while dense, bottom heavy low end rumbles beneath, the song pulsates. All of this while some hazy vocals narrate things amid the intensely relentless drumming and unhesitant sense of urgency. With a similar format but a much more wide open delivery comes the unforgiving ‘Holly Vally‘. A dizzying flurry of music seems to send things spiraling about as a solid punk rock vibe permeates the track. The drumming on this one gets into a realm that seems almost inhuman at times, incessantly pummeling you with a barrage of pure garage rock goodness. Those fantastic drums introduce us to the title track, ‘Moonshiner‘, too as their chunky chuggery keeps time on this final song. The guys quickly find an infectious groove that you cannot ignore, keeping things moving and tight knit with fantastic finesse. The upbeat feeling to the bouncy, happy go lucky guitar licks are perfectly suited for the different vocal approach here too and add a whole new aspect to things.

This is as DIY as things get, same as an actual moonshine still itself except in this case the former is perfectly legal no matter how blind off your ass you may get from repeated listenings to it. Recorded live in a cellar and then issued on “handmade limited CDs and cassette tapes” via the duo’s own label¬†El Diablo Records, Electric Jaguar Baby‘s ‘Moonshiner‘ EP is as potent a home brew anyone could hope for. Here’s your chance to immerse yourself, to saturate your very soul with the equally soulful psyche-fuzza-delicious swill via the Bandcamp embed below. Sip it, guzzle it, whatever just as long as you are fully imbibing in this tasty beverage!