KRYPTONITE (King Diamond, Mustasch, Eclipse, Etc. Members) Reveal Debut’s Details; Video Premiere

I recently shared a blurb on the Taste Nation LLC Facebook timeline about with an introduction to the new Swedish band Kryptonite. Today I am happy to bring you all a full article with more details about the band, their upcoming debut album and an Official Video premiere from said album as well. The video is for a track titled ‘Chasing Fire‘ which hails from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut due on August 4th from Frontiers Music SRL.

Kryptonite itself is a special project that began when The Poodles’ Jakob Samuel and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio decided to pursue putting together a band after working on another project. Soon they had brought in former The Poodles bassist Pontus Egberg (now in King Diamond and Treat) who was then followed by Robban Back of Mustasch (ex-Eclipse). The final piece of a guitarist soon fell to Mike Palace of the band Palace, a younger and extremely talented, impressive player.

The band Kryptonite play a more melodic style of rock music, not far removed from what many might call AOR Music. Of course that means it is more radio-friendly content and when it comes to exposure or increasing ones’ fanbase then there is nothing wrong with that. Check out Kryptonite for yourself via the clip for ‘Chasing Fire‘ below.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Kryptonite LP


“Chasing Fire”
“This Is The Moment”
“Keep The Dream Alive”
“Fallen Angels”
“Across The Water”
“Love Can Be Stronger”
“Knowing Both Of Us”
“Get Out Be Gone”
“One Soul”
“Better Than Yesterday”
“No Retreat No Surrender”

CRAZY LIXX Keep The 80s Alive With ‘Ruff Justice’; Video Premiere

Swedish hard rock/glam band Crazy Lixx are keeping the content of the 1980’s alive and well in every way possible. From the sound of that era’s music, to the looks and imagery of it as well, Crazy Lixx are here to remind us what was and can be again. The biggest reminder of all will come in the form of their new album, ‘Ruff Justice‘, which is due on April 21st via Frontiers Music SRL.

To assist in that memory-jarring endeavor, Crazy Lixx are premiering a new official video for the track ‘Wild Child‘ off of the album too. It follows the previously shared audio-only streams of ‘XIII‘ and ‘Snakes In Paradise‘. If you are a fan of that bygone era of music or hell, just a fan of feel-good rock ‘n roll either one you will dig this. Check it out!

Crazy Lixx RJ LP
1. Wild Child
3. Walk the Wire
4. Shot with a Needle of Love
5. Killer
6. Hunter of the Heart
7. Snakes in Paradise
8. If It’s Love
9. Kiss of Judas
10. Live Before I Die