Ethereal Riffian start Crowdfunding Campaign for 3rd Full Length…

Crowdfunding Campaign for Ethereal Riffian’s 3rd LP


One of our favorite bands here at Taste Nation, Spiritualized rockers from Ukraine, Ethereal Riffian are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to support their 3rd full-length album which they plan to release next year and we couldn’t be happier!!

With all Ethereal Riffian’s previous releases their intention was to make people realize their true potential via different spiritual traditions, but with the third album we want to bring the wisdom from the Himalayan Caves to the streets of big cities and radio stations. Eight years since the inception of the band, we have refined our musical language to be able to produce the songs which talk directly to the Spirit and now we’re finally ready to record the album which will shake you to the core.

We’ve been creating psychedelic rock music with a message since 2010 and are now ready to record our 3rd full-length album. We have started working on the new album in the beginning of 2016 and it took us a little more than two and a half years to write 10 new songs full of energy and purpose.


“Since 2010, we have produced 6 releases and never before in our history we have asked our fans to contribute,” comments Val Kornev, frontman of the band. “This situation is very different, because we have many ambitious plans for this album and we’re looking forward to your contribution. Musically it’s a much more straightforward work compared to our previous efforts and ideologically, it can be described as bold as Rage Against the Machine meets the Dalai Lama.

You can follow the process of album’s recording via Ethereal Riffian’s YouTube channel.

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Soulmass “The Weakness of Virtue” – Band Review & Indiegogo…


The Weakness of Virtue

Crowdfunding Campaign – Support Needed

Reviewed by Terry “Dingman” Cuyler

In 2013 my friend Brett Windnagle of Lascallie’s Shroud and Project Rowenwolfe got together with his friend Bryan Edwards of Seven Kingdoms and created the Doom Metal band Soulmass. Initially a the band was a two man project called Kingdoms of Flesh with Bryan Edwards as band manager, and Brett Windnagle handling all the instruments recording in a DIY studio in his bedroom . After all Brett’s Painstaking work mixing and mastering 5 track of Unholy Doom and Dark Fantasy were unveiled. Realizing they had something Brett and Bryan began working on the album Despairing Fates and changed their name to Soulmass after realizing the new direction they had begun heading in with their initial project. Soon after successfully releasing the bands 1st full album Soulmass brought in Aaron Sluss to play bass and Scud, both of Project Rowenwolfe, to play drums.


Currently Soulmass is preparing to release it’s next album called Dark Souls which they intend have recorded in a proper studio and professionally engineered. From what I heard on Kingdoms of Flesh and Despairing Fates I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear music from them that has been professionally recorded. To ensure they have the resources, the band is running a IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign.  Join us in supporting this dynamic band take their craft to the next level by visiting their IndieGogo Campaign.  Support Independent Music!!  Soulmass is ready to blow minds!!  Help them make it a reality.

To quote Brett, “Soulmass seeks the aid of fellows fans and phantoms to bring the harrowing world of Dark Souls to life through the glory of death and doom!” As this article goes to print, the band is 67% away from reaching their goal with only 13 days left.



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