Red Moon Architect “Return of the Black Butterflies” Album Review & Video…

Red Moon Architect

Return Of The Black Butterflies – CD // DD

Inverse Records – Release Date:  May 19th, 2017

Reviewed by: Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler


1. The Haunt
2. Tormented
3. Return of the Black Butterflies
4. Journey
5. End of Days
6. NDE

Saku Moilanen – Schlagzeug & Keyboard
Ville Rutanen – Gesang
Matias Moilanen – Gitarre
Anni Viljanen – Gesang
Jukka Jauhiainen – Bass

Hey all this is Terry The Ancient One and I’d  like to tell all you doomophiles out there about  Return of the Black Butterflies, by the Funeral Doom Metalers Red Moon Architect.  Founded in  Kouvola, Finland  in 2011, Return of the Black Butterflies will be Red Moon Architect’s 3rd album.  It also will bring a big change for the band with their new vocalist formerly of Casket Ville Rutanen. While the departure of  Juuso Turkki  must have been difficult for the band, I am certain long time fans and those who have never heard of  Red Moon Architect are getting a great album.

Pro Band Pic


Red Moon Architect  fearlessly uses musical contrast with crushing doom and sweeping melodies to creates a sense of drama in their music. Opening with ‘The Haunt’ drummer/keyboardist Saku Moilanen sets the mood for the entire album with a haunting keyboard instrumental that transports the listeners to what to me feels like the wind swept icy Steppes where the icy winds and chilling howling winds have driven men mad. Following his keyboard lead in, Saku takes up his 2nd job as drummer with guitarist Matais Moilanen and bassist Jukka Jauhiainen to bring Ville Rutanen with vocals that sound like they come from the depths of Hell which are at times complimented by chilling doom riffs.  At other times tracks are contrasted by somber melodies that compliment  the haunting vocals of  Anni Viljanen’s. I really have a difficult time picking any songs as favorites from this majestic album.  They all sort of blend into one another making this one of those albums that I believe must be listened to in it’s entirety.  Set to be released May, 19th,2017  Red Moon Architect’s  Return of the Black Butterflies is now available for pre-order.