Bone Man “III” – Album Review & Track Streaming…

Bone Man

III – Vinyl // CD // DD

Pink Tank Records – released April 21, 2017

Terry “The Ancient One” Cuyler

I was listening to an album simply titled III by a band called Bone Man just a little while ago and found my thoughts drifting as they sometimes do when I listen to good music. As my mind wandered I recalled a conversation with a friend about which sense, hearing or vision would hurt the most to lose. My friend figured vision would be the hardest and said he’d rather go deaf before going blind. However I was of the opposite opinion because while blindness would present huge challenges, the very thought of losing my ability to hear and enjoy music would be like a curse and this album really made me appreciate my  ability to hear music.


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If I were to describe this trio of Deuschlanders from Kiel, Germany known as Bone Man with one word I’d say sublime.  Described by fans reviews I’ve read as Heavy Psych Fuzz and Grunge.  I can definitely hear the influences of Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Eric Clapton in Bone Man’s music. Although not nearly as fuzzed out as II, Bone Man III seems to have upped the fuzz and sharpened Arne’s bass guitar a bit more to accent front-man Marian’s guitar leads and vocals. When I gave III a spin for the 1st time I found myself letting the bass and drums played by Ötzi lead me into the guitar leads and vocals. Lyrically the album’s songs have a bluesy feel to them.  Among my favorites were: ‘AMNESI’, ‘COLD ECHO’ and ‘FALSE AMBITION’.

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What I really find most interesting about III is how it messed with my perception of time. It’s a tight album with songs that are all under 6 minutes, yet when I listened to it I felt like I was listening to an AOR Rock classic full of 7 to 10 minute songs. I don’t know how the band does this but it’s pure genius. If you like the 90’s grunge movement, fuzz, or Eric Clapton then you will like Bone Mathis album. Bone Man’s III is an album I can easily see in a cliquish music heads’ collections as well as hitting the rock charts. Leading me to ask “When are you coming to The United States Bone Man?