Ethereal Riffian start Crowdfunding Campaign for 3rd Full Length…

Crowdfunding Campaign for Ethereal Riffian’s 3rd LP


One of our favorite bands here at Taste Nation, Spiritualized rockers from Ukraine, Ethereal Riffian are launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to support their 3rd full-length album which they plan to release next year and we couldn’t be happier!!

With all Ethereal Riffian’s previous releases their intention was to make people realize their true potential via different spiritual traditions, but with the third album we want to bring the wisdom from the Himalayan Caves to the streets of big cities and radio stations. Eight years since the inception of the band, we have refined our musical language to be able to produce the songs which talk directly to the Spirit and now we’re finally ready to record the album which will shake you to the core.

We’ve been creating psychedelic rock music with a message since 2010 and are now ready to record our 3rd full-length album. We have started working on the new album in the beginning of 2016 and it took us a little more than two and a half years to write 10 new songs full of energy and purpose.


“Since 2010, we have produced 6 releases and never before in our history we have asked our fans to contribute,” comments Val Kornev, frontman of the band. “This situation is very different, because we have many ambitious plans for this album and we’re looking forward to your contribution. Musically it’s a much more straightforward work compared to our previous efforts and ideologically, it can be described as bold as Rage Against the Machine meets the Dalai Lama.

You can follow the process of album’s recording via Ethereal Riffian’s YouTube channel.

Contribute to the crowdfunding campaign:

Follow Ethereal Riffian on social media:


Legend Of The Seagullmen “Self Titled” Album Review + Stream…

They Ain’t No Flock Of Seagulls

They are the

Legend of the Seagullmen

“Self Titled” – Vinyl // CD // DD

Dine Along Records – released February 9, 2018

By Terry ‘The Ancient One’ Cuyler


Legend of the Seagullmen are
Danny Carey – drums (Tool)
Brent Hinds – guitars (Mastodon)
Jimmy Hayward – guitar (Director – Jonah Hex)
David ‘The Doctor’ Dreyer – vocals
Zappa Meets Zappa’s Peter Griffin – bass
Chris DiGiovanni – synth // keys



Hello friends this is the Ancient One and recently I found myself having a flashback to some of the crappy music that MTV tried to force feed music fans in the 1980’s. Specifically the music of A Flock of Seagulls.  Yes I hated that band. So when my friend “Matthew Thomas” Messaged me and said “Hey Ancient One you gotta listen to these guys called Legend of the Seagullmen. I had a name association flashback and like a punch drunk boxer that hears a distant bell, I flew off the handle and responded with a stream of profanity in all caps about how I despised that band. Thankfully I kept my cool and looked up their website…

When I eyeballed the Legend of the Seagullmen’s  website I was still a little hesitant but the Ancient One isn’t one to knock any music till he hears it first. While some may automatically look into who a band is before listening I try not to do that so I can keep any personal bias out of my listening experience so I skipped looking up the press release that was used to hype the band to the audience, and instead followed the link I was given by “Matthew” to the album. From the moment I hit play to the end of the album I found myself entertained by the Legend of the Seagullmen’s with some amazing, eclectic rock.

Hooked like a fish, I had to know more about this band that calls themselves Legend of the Seagullmen. In their description on Bandcamp and their band page  Legend of the Seagullmen states “ Legend of the Seagullmen is a genre destroying super-group crafting conceptual rock ‘n’ roll hymns of epic proportions.”  What I managed to learn from their Bandcamp page is the band is made up of   Tool’s Danny Carey on drums, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds on guitar, the director of films such as Jonah Hex  Jimmy Hayward on guitar, Zappa Meets Zappa’s Peter Griffin on bass,  Chris DiGiovanni on synth/keys &  David ‘The Doctor’ Dreyer on vocals. Seeking more info about the front man I searched the web until I came across an article in the  The mighty Rolling Stone Magazine that said “The Seagullmen concept is the brainchild of three brothers, Frank, Chris and David Dreyer, who have put on appropriately theatrical concerts and made movies about the band’s long-running legend in recent years”  Which is as far as I could seem to get with details about him. Well no matter I loved the music.




I could easily heap praise upon Legend of the Seagullmen’s Danny Carey, Brent Hinds, and Peter Griffin because they are the three  most well known musicians but would be unfair to the band as a whole. They also have a guitar playing film director Jimmy Hayward, a keyboard playing Production Manager from Blue Sky Animation Studios Chris DiGiovanni and a mysterious vocalist David ‘The Doctor’ Dreyer are able to take their place on stage and in the studio with them and not embarrass themselves is quite a feat in itself.

If I were to describe the music I’d say it’s a wonderfully cheesy Rock ‘N’ Roll meets, Spaghetti Western meets, Nautical Adventure movie. Some of my favorite tunes on this are…all of them!!  I recommend listening to this gem straight through like being at a Drive-In Movie Theater watching a double feature of kick ass B movie re-runs. This is definitely an album I’d recommend.

Black Mare “Death Magick Mother” Album Review + Stream…


Death Magick Mother – Vinyl (coming soon) // DD

Magic Bullet Records – Release Date September 15th, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr



Los Angeles, California

Previous Releases:
“Field Of The Host” (2013)

“Iseult” single (2014)

“BLACK MARE / Syndrome” split LP (2014)

“Low Crimes” single (2015)


Black Mare, the solo project of Sera Timms (Ides of the Gemini, ex-Black Math Horseman), and focuses on conveying a world of meaning with a minimalistic vocabulary. With a focus on rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity, Black Mare steps outside the collaborative dynamic to reveal a creative process that is all Sera’s. Black Mare immerses the listener into her own mythical world, an aurally lush, yet glacially-paced cruise through Timms’ frozen world wherein she encourages the mind’s eye to notice relics like the feathers of fallen angels scattered about the snow.

This latest release goes further into the shadowed realms of contemplation and darkened spheres that exists between the here and there, the now and the then and all hidden points between. Sera masterfully guides us along, showing the landmarks of her mindscape along the way.



From opener ‘Ingress To Form’ through ‘Femme Couverte’ to ‘Death By Desire’, the ringing clarity of the vocal layers haunting every shadow along the journey. As her ringing bass notes lead us into the ‘Coral Vaults’ that are seemingly filled with ethereal guitar notes that wrap themselves through the cadence set, flowing into ‘Babylon’s Fold’, hypnotic and morose in tone, unrelenting even as the soft cymbal washes back and forth.

Even as ‘Kala’ comes in, once the muted chords lead directly into Sera‘s vocal, commanding and demanding in her beckoning execution, further summoning the roar of her vision of deafening inevitability. Closer ‘Inverted Tower’ begins with that signature vocal layering that is the signature mark and this tale is the exacting summation of where we have traveled so far and nothing is left on the table.  All ingredients and flavors swirled together to give us this opus to satiate the mind and heart in the secrets and shadows that are revealed throughout.

36 minutes made up of a cohesive gathering of seven saga’s that flow from and to each other effortlessly. Grab this one immediately, share the wonder with every ear you come in contact with and support them live if you are granted the chance to and keep it LOUD!!


Promo Image

The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic “Through The Dark Matter” Album Review + Stream…

In Case You Missed It Series – Episode 6


Through The Dark Matter – CD // DD

Orbit Unlimited Records – released April 21, 2014

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


FormedJanuary 1, 2006

LocationLos Angeles, California USA

Line up:


Band Pic


Previous Releases:

“UEMG-s/t” (2013)

Pending release 2017

To call this a super group is to over-simplify. When Ed’s main focus with Monster Magnet went on hiatus, he needed something to do and in their own words, created and morphed into “a no nonsense, psychedelic, space rock orgy built on riffs and classic 70’s guitar rock. Not having to cater to the masses and with absolute disregard to mainstream commercial music industry dictate, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic came forth like an acid-trip super nova.” And having tripped out, jangly guitar heroes like Tomy Bolin listed with the likes of Captain Beyond and the trippiness of Hawkwind referenced, the end result is even MORE than you could have expected.


Five tracks clocking at just over 25 minutes, from the first notes of ‘Small Magnetic cloud’ all the way to the ending of ‘Large Magnetic Cloud’, each possible facet and cloud has been explored, from the headiness of title track ‘Through The Dark Matter’ to the expanses of ‘Day Of The Comet’, the enormity of each player here is in full-force. It shines in the purity of expression the freedom allotted has given them the power to wield in all it’s mushroom tinged might and the suns and moons change trajectory to glimpse a piece of this vortex that swirls effortlessly. Even with the one song to have lyrics ‘Spoonful’ as the intro drumline delivers with the panache of a legend as easily as casting a glance.

If you haven’t bought this one yet, do yourself the favor and get them both if you can. Then share it out to anybody you think would appreciate it.  “Through The Dark Matter,” hell both Albums, are perfect for headphones turned to 11 to capture each note you may have missed from the last listen. There is talk directly on their website of a 2017 release and I know I will be keeping my eyes peeled for that as I recommend should you, support these guys in a live format if the come to your area and keep it LOUD!!

‘Rockets Aren’t Cheap Enough’ Live at Desert Fest in 2014 off their “S/T” Debut Album

Collide “Color of Nothing” Album Review + Stream…


Color Of Nothing – CD // DD

Self Released + Crowdfunded – released May 25, 2017

Album Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Formed – 1992

LocationLos Angeles, California USA

MemberskaRIN – vox / Statik – sounds

Previous Releases – “Beneath The Skin” (1996), “Distort” remix collection (1998), “Chasing The Ghost (2000), “Some Kind Of Strange” (2003), “Vortex” remix collection (2004), “Like The Hunted” DVD/Live CD (2005), “Two Headed Monster” (2008), “These Eyes Before” (2009), “Counting To Zero” (2011), “Bent And Broken” (2012)

COLLIDE is a duo founded in 1992 incorporating elements of electronica, trip hop and synth-pop combined with a darker edge to create something esoteric in nature and ethereal in execution, delivering a hybrid that is like nothing before. They have worked with artists of the highest esteem during their existence including the likes of Charlie Clouser, Dean Garcia (CURVE) and Danny Carey (TOOL), and they keep pumping out their own flavor of music to the masses.

“Color Of Nothing” is the first offering in almost five years and kaRIN and Statik decided this time out to fund the album publicly, citing this move as a way to gauge if anyone still cared… with this release, the answer is a resounding YES and the result is amazing!!


Promo Pic


Eleven tracks clocking in at just over an hour, this collection of songs represents the BEST yet to come from this powerhouse and shows they are in top form and ready to take their place in your library. From the opening track ‘Wake Up’ through to closer ‘Pale Blue’, the edge is right there with all the ‘fixings’ to make this a feast for your auditory senses, including twists and turns to keep you moving all along. Flavorings of bands like KMFDM and MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT are sprinkled throughout with a splash here and there of LORDS OF ACID type progressions all serving kaRIN’s existential voice that cuts through with razor-precision and hits you between the eyes with her haunting delivery. ‘Soul Crush’ is a great example as she reminds us that “We are all human” in her signature siren-song voice.

‘Fix’ shines extra bright for ME, as the standout track from this album. Soft and slow for the first 40 seconds before the drum line hits between your eyes and then kaRIN grabs hold and drags you along, willingly through the guitar lines and floating hypnotic melody of the rest of the body of the song.  Even as drum fills jump out at you here and there, making the flow seamless as you traverse along Statik’s masterful arrangement. I could go on and on about each track here as they are each as strong as every other composition brought together here, but the BEST way for you to understand this record is to go GET IT, share it with every pair of ears you come across.  Support Collide in the live format if you are blessed with the opportunity and most importantly, keep it LOUD!!

Band Pic

MADLIFE “Precision in the Face of Chaos” Album Review & Music Video…


Precision In The Face Of Chaos – CD // DD

Bleeding Nose Records – Released May 5th, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr



Formed – 2000

Current Lineup Angry Phill -v / Isaiah Stuart -g / Kyle Cunningham -d / DieTrich Thrall -b

Previous Releases “Madlife” EP (2005) / “Music As Harsh As The World We Live In” EP  (2005) / “Angry Sonnets For The Soul” (2007) re-released via Universal /Fontana / RBE (2009) / “21st Century Megalomaniac” (2013)

Quote– “Developed in early 2000, the industrial hard rock band from Los Angeles was contrived between guitarist Isaiah Stuart and Lead Singer Angry Phill. They found common ground in their like and respect for multiple styles of music, largely in hard rock, industrial, electronic and classic pop. During this time, “The expression of emotion,” says Phill, “And the range of musical depth allowed MADLIFE the luxury to explore the human condition.” Enquote.

Pro Band Shot

This is a band that has been touring endlessly, playing festivals all the way from the world-famous Milwaukee Metalfest, the Mayhem Festival and Rock Hard At The Park, to name a few, they have shared the stage with the likes of KORN / SLAYER / PRONG / ALL THAT REMAINS / TRIVIUM and so many more, it is no wonder they have endorsements in place and are ready to unleash a new one on the world and the timing couldn’t be better.

***The band has current endorsements from Ernie Ball, In Tune Guitar Picks, Schecter Guitars, Fryette Amps, Line 6, and Meinl Cymbals.***

Listing their influences as bands ranging from ROB ZOMBIE to COMBICHRIST to MUSHROOMHEAD  to LINKIN PARK, MADLIFE has combined these elements and more into this fifth official release and comes out swinging HARD from the first second to the very end.  This album can very well take this Los Angeles based band to the next level.

Songs with all of the edge and attitude we have come to expect from Phill are in extreme abundance as with ‘Just One Gun’ where we get asked right off “Would you like to sing that angry song with me?” to the pummeling, staggered-beat intro of ‘Nothing Changes’ to straight ahead machine bounce of ‘Pain Of Pleasure’, each taking you in a different direction showing all of the listed influences seasoned with just enough rage-to-taste making it MADLIFE’s blend on your fork even with ‘Love Song’ hammering your ears with that special sauce that we have come to know.

12 songs clocking in at 43 minutes and for me, two standout from the rest, and for completely different reasons. ‘Rockstar’ hits hard with a DOPE meets UNION UNDERGROUND sorta punch and describes all the trappings that drive so many to be in this business and has that MADLIFE sonic-kick intact and full force. Then, there’s ‘All The Angels’ that screams from the first and has that hook that doesn’t let go.

Stellar production values, songs that deliver and leave you wanting more. Sounds like one to get NOW and play until your ears are ringing. Support them live if they come near you and keep it LOUD!!

Thank you to AGAINST PR AGENCY and Bleeding Nose Records for the Promo

Band Logo

Ides Of Gemini – “Women” Album Review & Stream…


Women – Vinyl // CD // DD 

Rise Above Records – Released April 28th, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr


Current Location: Los Angeles CA

Band Members: Sera Timms, J. Bennett, Scott Batiste, Adam Murray

Previous Releases: Old World New Wave (Neurot September 2014) / Hexagram 45 7″ (Magic Bullet, April 2013) / Constantinople (Neurot, May 2012) / Ides Of Gemini / Vermapyre split (Magic Bullet, February 2012) / The Disruption Writ EP (November 2010)


What started as a two member project at some point in 2010 (or before), has since become a four member force. Core members Sera and J. began this journey as a cult/Slavic revival type of project using all things dark and ethereal and forging their own sound of plush harmonies and foreboding imagery in their compositions that keep fans coming back for more and dragging their friends along for the ride. With this new line-up and fifth release, IDES OF GEMINI are ready to take us to the next-level as they serve up 10 tracks, each about a woman as the title implies.

Pro Band Pic


‘Mother Kiev’ comes out of the gate fast and strong showing this new line-up is serious and ready to prove it. Power chords running amock and a drumline that takes full control of the body and that bass line, the perfect accent. Sera’s voice has never sounded better and J.’s chops are as biting as you could expect. ‘The Rose’ has a more tempered pace and Sera’s voice writhes around your head with her signature crescendo and lilt all the way through the slide out ending. ‘The Dancer’ is more staccato in pace and the choppy guitar lines flow seamlessly. ‘Raft Of Medusa’ has a lone guitar intro and then the band jumps up and rolls through this tale, not afraid to go all out with this pace that pulls you forth without resistance. ‘Heroine’s descent’ is slower and darker than we have been to this point on the record and lets the IDES OF GEMINI legacy of plush vocals shrouded in shadows continue with an even bigger sound than we have witnessed on any previous release while keeping that thicker guitar presence brought to this album permeate with an intensity that completes the recipe that J. and Sera have been perfection for the last seven years plus. ‘Swan Diver’ / ‘Zohra’ / ‘She Has A Secret’ and’Queen Of New Orleans’ are each strong compositions on their own and continue the stellar performance from EACH member to make this record the best to come yet from the IDES OF GEMINI camp and whether intentional as a concept or not, they fit perfectly together as a whole and show what focus and perseverance can achieve.

Standout track on this record, for ME, is ‘The Last Siren’. From the slow fade in of the thundering drum/bass combo to the jangly yet biting guitar line, complete with staggered fills, I found myself moving with involuntarily and turning it up louder and louder while feeling wrapped in that soaring voice and welcoming and savoring each high note and low alike.

This could and SHOULD be the one to break them out to the rest of the world and I encourage to do your part; BUY the record, support them when they make it to your part of the world and tell anybody you know to do the same. Once they hear this, they will have to agree it is a must-have for 2017!!

Aeges – “Weightless” Album Review & Stream…


Weightless – Vinyl // CD // DD

Another Century Records – Available Now

Reviewed by Andy “Humdinger” Beresky



It’s always tough for me to be critical of a band that I love.  However, when I made the decision to start writing reviews again, one of the things that I promised myself was that I wouldn’t pull any punches.  I don’t want to be the guy who blindly loves everything and writes hyperbolic praises of every band that graces his speakers.  I honestly don’t think that’s constructive, and for me personally, when someone does that, I stop reading their reviews, because I know that I can’t trust their opinions.

Which brings us to Aeges.  Since I heard their debut album, The Bridge, I’ve been a huge fan; it combined big riffs with big hooks in such a compelling way, a balance of lightness and heaviness that was right up my ally. Boasting members of Pelican, Shift and 16 didn’t hurt their cause either.  Two of the members were also a part of San Angelus, a pretty straight forward post-hardcore band, and Aeges definitely incorporate elements of that sound.  Interestingly enough, Aeges was apparently formed as a side project because of geographic obstacles with the members of San Angelus – some of the band were in California, while some were in Vancouver.


Pro Live Shot

Their sophomore album, Above And Down Below upped the ante, expanding this formula into an axiom.  They’d changed guitarists and added a dual vocal approach.  As a result, the interplay of the vocal hooks and the heavy riffs is just brilliant.  Every song is chock full of both of these elements, and it’s just a recipe for an album with staying power that deepens with every listen, in my experience.    Their songwriting had drastically improved from the first album to the second.  The rhythm section is also pounding and poignant.  I’d list out who plays what for you, however, the “bio” section of their website is down, and their label’s website has a terrible design.  They’ve positioned the text for the bio over a picture of the band, and frankly it’s illegible.  Part of the photo is white or off-white, and the text is also white on top of it.  Who does that??   I can’t read that!! Did they pay a web designer??  I guess I could look up the info on the band’s Facebook, but then again, so can you.  If you’re interested, I suggest that you do so.  Let’s get back to the music; it’s like a wet dream for fans of Queens Of The Stone Age and Deftones, a band that’s heavy as a dump truck full of cement and steel, yet with modern, experimental and radio-friendly characteristics that make them one hell of a crossover act.  The deluxe version even included some incredibly cool covers of Cheap Trick, Corrosion Of Conformity, and Elliot Smith, along with a couple acoustic renditions of album tracks.  It was relentlessly ambitious in approach, arrangement and scope, and it seemed like Aeges were really poised to go places.

This brings us to Weightless, the band’s third album.  First, I really question the band’s decision to include the song “Echoes,” originally the debut track off of Above And Down Below.  I don’t understand the logic of re-recording and including this song, with only a slightly different arrangement and production.  The band stated that they wrote 30 songs for the album.  I’m feeling rather confused, you wrote 30 songs for your new album, yet rather than showcase one of the other 18 songs that aren’t included, you’re going to include the opener from your prior album? As a fan, frankly, I feel a bit cheated, and I really just don’t understand what they were thinking.  Perhaps if they read this, they can let me know.  I’m all for conversations.  If you ever want to question one of my band’s decisions, please, don’t hesitate to reach out.  I’ll be real with you.

Secondly, I don’t like this record as much as Above And Down Below.  It’s fairly obvious what they’re going for – the vocal arrangements are emphasized, and the riffs take a bit of a backseat in comparison.    I suppose that’s fine and dandy, I mean, the vocals do sound terrific and make great usage of Aeges’s two vocalist approach.  However, I’m a guitarist who sings minimally, so I’m biased.  I’ll admit it.  I want to hear the guitars take the forefront more often than not, and that’s sorely lacking on Weightless. The album is aptly named, as for me, it’s simply lacking in the weight of its predecessors.  It’s like they took that same dump truck, and they filled it with Cool Whip instead, because everyone loves Cool Whip. It’s not like there are no heavy riffs and cool guitar parts on Weightless, quite the opposite.  It’s just that for my perspective, the guitar work on Above And Down Below was downright magical and packed such a wallop.  There were more experiments with tone and texture. That album was such a high point for the band, and my expectations were high for Weightless.  This doesn’t live up. It’s even hard for me to talk about individual songs, honestly, because the only one that stands out is “Echoes”, from Above And Down Below, and as I said, it’s a different version that once again plays up the vocals and downgrades the guitars.

Regardless, it’s a great album with well-crafted songs, strong production and remarkable vocal arrangements.  Some people may regard it as their best album, I can see that.  Remember the jump that Metallica made between ….And Justice For All and The Black Album?? This is an equivalent and equidistant leap. Other than the inclusion of “Echoes”, I can’t really point to any glaring flaws other than the tamer production and the overemphasis on the vocals.  I’m wondering if that’s a conscious choice coinciding with their label change, if they’ve got their eyes on the bigger picture of mainstream radio rock success.  If that’s their motive, I have to say that’s a shame, because I’d like to think that their prior approach was strong enough to give them radio play.   I’m also wondering if rather than writing 30 songs for a new album, they might have been better served focusing more on the intricate details of the ones they chose to include, and had also written something solid enough that they didn’t have to rehash one from the last album.  They’re not BAD songs, don’t get me wrong.  They just don’t possess the weight or the intangible intrepid spirit.  There are not enough risks on this album for me to get totally behind it.  It’s safe as skim milk.  Great art requires us all to drink moonshine straight from the still from time to time.

Tour Schedule:

Aeges_Chevelle Tour Schedule

IDES OF GEMINI Share New Song ‘The Rose’

The fantastic retro-vibe rock band Ides Of Gemini will release their new album, ‘Women‘, through Rise Above Records on April 28th. Today, Taste Nation LLC is excited to be able to share Cult Nation‘s premiere of one of the tracks off the stunning new LP, “The Rose“. The song’s slow-revolving style and ethereal heaviness are exactly the type of traits we’ve all come to love within the music of Ides Of Gemini. – Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


Women Track Listing:
1. Mother Kiev
2. The Rose
3. The Dancer
4. Raft of Medusa
5. Heroine’s Descent
6. Swan Diver
7. The Last Siren
8. Zohra
9. She Has a Secret
10. Queen of New Orleans


New Album Review – Devil’s Witches “Velvet Magic

Devil’s Witches

Velvet Magic – Vinyl // CD // DD

Cursed Tongue Records – released March 20, 2017


If you are ready for a psychedelic groove fuzz-fest, then this record might just be the thing for you. Devil’s Witches call Los Angeles home and judging by the subject matter on this record, you can tell where the inspiration to write this record came from. Upon first listen, it felt that the songs on offer here must be conceptually tied to one another. After researching their Facebook page, the suspicions were confirmed. The concept follows a discharged United States Vietnam soldier who is seduced by a voodoo woman who uses her powers to start a new world. “The story spans from the jungles of Vietnam, to the go-go bars of L.A. onto the Black Forest mountain region of south-west Germany and into France. It’s a tale of sex, seduction, exploitation, war, and redemption” and each track feels like a new chapter in a book.

Band Logo


Opening track, “Apache Snow” begins the proceedings with a textbook fuzzed out stoner riff. Lyrically, this song paints a vivid picture of what it must have been like to be in Vietnam during those tumultuous times in the 1960s. “Lying in the blood of the fallen, I bet you feel real groovy now” — yes, yes I do.  The mid song break is a psychedelic dream with flavors of the Orient which is followed by a great little jam session. “Pornodelic Opium Dreams” provides a well-placed interlude in the form of an acid-psyche instrumental. This one takes you on quite the journey (mushrooms optional).  “Voodoo Woman” has a few progressive flashes that provide a more unique and adventurous take on the genre of music Devil’s Witches play. “Velvet Magic” begins with a sexy, laid back feel followed by a welcomed change of pace upon its mid-song break and a faster paced guitar solo before going full circle and ending the way it began. The musical variety on this track certainly takes you on quite the musical venture. This grade of velvet magic is assuredly sublime. However, can’t help but wonder if these songs would be that much better with a clearer vocal production to contrast the fuzz. Videos for “Apache Snow”, “Voodoo Woman”, and “Velvet Magic” are all worth watching too as they each fit the overall vibe of the record with visuals that paint a more concrete picture of what the band is going for musically.


Promo Kit


Devil’s Witches have provided a valiant debut effort. Musically, conceptually, and atmospherically it takes you places. Despite the current abundance of new bands playing this genre of music, Devil’s Witches provide catchy arrangements that are well worth a listen and with a unique ability to paint an accurate picture about the subject matter at hand. Looking forward to what this band will come up with in the future. In the meantime, I’m ready to take this journey again.


Words by Santiago “Santos” Gutierrez