BLACK PUSSY ‘Power’ Review, Full Stream & Official Videos

Power – CD//DD//LP
Made In China Records – Release Date: May 30th, 2017
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

May 30th saw the return of the brilliantly named Black Pussy with their third studio outing, ‘Power‘, via Made In China Records. Despite all the controversy, protests and cancelled shows, this fantastic band perseveres and puts the power of Black Pussy in your face yet again.¬†Dustin Hill, Ryan McIntire, Dean Carroll, Aaron Poplin, and Keith O’Dell return with another fine outing melding Seventies era rock greatness with peace, love and harmonious vibes. With the usual, ever-present happy-go-lucky demeanor to their music, it is clear that Black Pussy has crafted another grandiose effort of unfettered arena rock with ‘Power‘.

All the enthralling elements of the band’s earlier efforts are here, from the ripples of electronic psychedelia to atmospheric instrumentation. Addictive, opiate-like guitar riff-driven grooves, boogie-worthy rhythms and drumming that serves like a generator to power it all. Super smooth vocal deliveries chock full of lyrical innuendo with double, and sometimes triple, entendres in meaning. For me, Black Pussy has always been about their fantastically polished sound, shiny, somewhat pop-heavy musical output and all else be damned, feel good rock and roll.

Make no mistake, that is exactly what you get with the band, their thrilling music or a magical live performance. There are continual high points on Power, one of them arrives immediately with the first actual song (after a brief instrumental intro), ‘Take You There‘. Positivity is personified in the sexually-charged ‘Slice Of Paradise‘ while there are ample Alternative Rock overtones to tracks like ‘Parasols‘ and ‘Indians‘. And do I really need to break down the matter-as fact ‘I Wanna Get High‘ which has a tell-all running time of 4:20? No, I didn’t think so as the band has never shied away from the fact that they love smoking pot, ha!

For my tastes and me personally, my favorite part of the album is the mid-point, back to back tracks ‘Home Sweet Home‘ and ‘Full Tilt Boogie‘. The first a fantastic ode to the seeming joys of hooking up and home ownership, one with somewhat QoTSA-ish moments in the music. Undoubtedy unintentional but I love the song ‘Full Tilt Boogie‘ with its The Cars-meets-T.Rex sounding content. This is definitely my favorite cut, a simmering, smoothly grooving slow cooker where amazing music, mantra-worthy lyrics and cosmic vocals align. I especially like the later vocalizations with Dustin and a female engaging in a bit of back and forth.

The ‘Power‘ of Black Pussy compels you to rock out with the abundant, feel-good attitude in their music. It invites you to enter under your own volition and join the love-in, partake of substances and lose your preconceived, engrained social mores. It’s like the Seventies all over again with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll…fuck the SJW fascists and their moronic bullshit over names and such. This is about the music, about getting high and having fun..making love, not war!

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker