Matthew Thomas’ Top 60 Albums of 2017 + Top 10 EPs + Links to Listen…

Matthew Thomas’ Top 60 Albums of 2017

Top 10 EPs of 2017 + Links to Listen & Buy


1. Junius – Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light


2. Mastodon – Emperor of Sand


3. Elder – Reflections of a Floating World


4. Samsara Blues Experiment –  One With The Universe


5. Racquet Club – Racquet Club


6. Hobosexual – Monolith


7. Kadavar – Rough Times


8. Our Ceasing Voice – Free Like Tonight


9. Bask – Ramble Beyond


10. Wolf Parade – Cry Cry Cry


11. Telekinetic Yeti – Abominable


12. Sorority Noise – You’re Not As ___ As You Think


13. Ethereal Riffian – Afterlight DVD


14. Quicksand – Interiors


15. Spidergawd – IV


16. Forming the Void – Relic


17. All Them Witches – Sleeping Through the War


18. House of Lightning – Self Titled


19. The Black Angels – Death Song


20. Pallbearer – Heartless


21. Ohhms – The Fool




23. Mother Mars – On Lunar Highlands


24. Crackhouse – Be No One.  Be Nowhere.


25. LCD Soundsystem – American Dream


26. The Atomic Bitchwax – Force Field


27. Spaceslug – Time Travel Dilemma


28. Slowdive – Self Titled


29. Nekromant – Snakes and Liars


30. Frozen Planet…1969 – From the Centre of A Parallel Universe


31. Egypt – Cracks and Lines


32. Electric Orange – EOXXV


33. Electric Age – Sleep of the Silent King


34. Comacozer – Kalos Eidos Skopeo


35. Pink Frost – New Minds


36. Deaf Radio – Alarm


37. Red Scalp – Lost Ghosts


38. Earth Drive – Stellar Drone


39. I, Captain – Tiid


40. Red Mountains – A Slow Wander


41. Olde – Temple


42. Devil Electric – Self Titled


43. Sautrus – Anthony Hill


44. The Janitors – Horn Ur Marken


45. Electric Moon – Stardust Rituals


46. The Re-Stoned – Chronoclasm


47. Clouds Taste Satanic – The Glitter of Infinite Hell


48. Ufomammut – 8


49. Lamina – Lilith



50. Space Witch – Arcanum


The Final Tasty 10


51. Radio Moscow – New Beginnings


52. Geezer – Psychoriffadelia


53. Gypsy Sun Revival – Journey Outside of Time


54. Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire


55. Aphodyl // Cosmic Fall – Starsplit


56. Summoner – Beyond The Realm of Light


57. Contra – Deny Everything


58. Bloodnut – St. Ranga


59. Poseidon – Prologue


60. Propagandhi – Victory Lap



Top 10 EPs of 2017


1. Mastodon – Cold Dark Place


2. Howling Giant – Black Space Wizard Part 2


3. Kal-EL – Astrodoomeda


4. Cachemira – Jungla


5. Derelics – Guilty of Being Young


6. Bad Monster Black – Diablo




8. Traffic Death – Dead End


9. 1968 – 1968 EP


10. Norea – Norea

WhiteNails “First Trip” – Album Review & Stream


First Trip – CD // DD

Magnetic Eye Records – Releases May 26, 2017

Reviewed by Ric “Suisyko” Dorr



Formed – 2016

Location – Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Members – Darcy – Vocal, Danahé – Guitar, Taylor – Guitar, JP – Bass, Vince – Keys, Maxx – Drums

Self described as “Six dudes with an appetite for LOUD, HEAVY rock-n-roll” that were brought together by a mutual love for BLACK SABBATH. Labeled as a stoner rock band, they list as influenced by the sounds of PENTAGRAM, Black Sabbath and KYUSS, WhiteNails add an edge of a psychedelic visual touch to their performances and we end up with the first offering in the form of the EP  ‘First Trip’.


Pro Band Pic


Citing an evening of “…a few beers and shots of whiskey”,  they decided they needed to throw on the guitars and see what kind of noise would come forth. End result is eight songs clocking in just over 41 minutes and is filled with all of the trappings and then some of the kind of music that you HAVE to crank up and raise your ‘favorite beverage’ to and just MOVE. Twin guitars, thick-sliced bass line, heavy-handed drummer with enough splash to soak you through and a vocal range from punk-screams to heart-ripped vibrato, WhiteNails has brought it all to the table with this release. From the first pick slide of ‘Shanghaied’, the tone is set and the pace is rolling as you are the “Next in line…” The air gets darker as the guitar gets even thicker, screaming tortured wails and screams over hyper fuzzed chords catching in the sudden fade that runs straight into a VERY Sabbath sounding progression of palm-muting accented by that hauntingly smoked-up and hazy soloing that makes up the first minute and a half of ‘Done And Gone’ that chugs along like a train. ‘Dead In Time’ is full-on power-sludge glory featuring guest Gab Shonk and has that triple-roll tempo that forces you to keep up and then gets as smoke-filled just past midpoint again and for the last section, back to full slam…

Live Pic 3

‘In My Blood’ comes out faster and has that KYUSS vibe for real giving a nod to their mentioned influences where ‘Damn Judas’ is more of a power anthem hitting with full presence of attitude and staggered guitar notes in your face. ‘Silver Linings’ is slower in entry but there is zero shortage of power chords here. ‘Brazen Bull’ begins with a fast drum roll and jumps into more of the tortured guitar lines that take hold and don’t let go. This gets us to my personal favorite ‘The Crooked Lake’ . This track is different from the rest yet shows a complete summation of the first seven tracks brought into this over seven-minute opus. Slow fade in, each musician’s presence viable in the aggregate perfection that is this entire composition. One of those that grabbed me in my chest and I didn’t want it to let go, even as the end hit. I would hope this is one of their live signature songs and could EASILY end up being one of those 20 minute encore songs… and not ONE person would want it any other way.

For a first outing, all I can say is HOLY SHIT!! If this is any kind of signification of what is to come from these guys, HELL yes, bring it!! Get this one when out comes out and support them live if you get the chance and especially keep this one LOUD!!

SUMMONER Streaming ‘Beyond The Realm Of Light’

Boston’s heavy rock collective known as Summoner recently released their third studio recording, Beyond The Realm Of Light, via Magnetic Eye Records. The follow-up to 2013’s Atlantian and 2012’s Phoenix finds the band further exploring the intricacies of melodic, riff-driven progressive rock music. There is a swaggering sense of purpose and clearly defined intent with this latest outing, one that guitarist AJ Peters commented on saying:

With Beyond The Realm Of Light we wanted a more sharply focused, hard hitting album while still exploring the thoughtful lyrical concepts and melodic voice of our past efforts. Our statement on the path humanity has taken and what lies ahead.

Today, Taste Nation LLC is streaming the latest album from Summoner, Beyond The Realm Of Light, in its entirety below. It is out now and available for purchase here.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker