Malefic House “Tetramorph” Album Review + Stream…

Malefic House

Tetramorph – Digital Download

Self Released: May 28, 2017

Reviewed by Santiago “Chags” Gutierrez


Ah Russia, land of cold climate, bears, vodka, and Malefic House. The band started out as a cover band back in 2008 playing Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, and Jimi Hendrix songs. Eventually they decided to make their own music which resulted in a “Self-Titled” EP. A shift in band members followed soon after. The change proved to be a positive one, as this current line-up has the chemistry and the focus their previous incarnation lacked. The band members have a varied background consisting of blues, folk, metal, hard rock, doom, stoner, and prog. Listening to Tetramorph, you can surely see how most of those elements have come together to form a rather unique sound.

 According to Lena Kataykina (vocals), the four-track album follows a concept based on four cardinal points. Each song represents a different character: a sailor, a freedom fighter, a pharaoh, and a priestess. Each one embodying a different class, age group, culture, and element of nature. Each persona breaking superstitious boundaries and fears along their journeys. Lena states the concept was four years in the making, so it’s truly been a labor of love for this DIY band.



‘1,000 Bulls for Pontus’ opens the record with a rather long intro which serves to gradually set up what follows. Once Lena’s bluesy, soulful voice hits the speakers, the picture becomes clearer. This is a wonderful amalgam of 70s psych, occult tinged stoner rock that is unlike most of what their contemporaries are offering up these days. ‘Geronimo’ follows up with a rather unique drum pattern about half way into the track courtesy of Dima Dvornikov. Artem Zibrov providing a wonderfully amazing psychedelic trip of a guitar solo midway through ‘Mother of the Void.’ ‘Har’ finalizes the offering with an adventurous bass line at the tail end of this musical journey courtesy of Sergei Kataykin. All the moving parts of this band meshing incredibly well throughout.

Malefic House’s geographic location (Russian Federation) has proven advantageous as it has allowed Malefic House to create a peculiar blend of psych/stoner rock that is all their own. So, do these characters meet a malefic, doomed fate after what they endure during their bizarre nightmare odysseys? I can’t possibly spoil the fun. Listen and find out for yourselves. You can find Tetramorph over at bandcamp.

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