A RED DEAD EAGLE ‘Ovum Exclusum Est’ Review & Stream; NYP Item

From Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain we recently received the introductory debut from A Red Dead Eagle here at TNHQ. To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about the band itself really, other than there’s a member named Mijaíl Komang. I know that because he happens to be the one that brought the band’s new offering, ‘Ovum Exclusum Est‘, to our attention. And man, I am glad he did too! A Red Dead Eagle have crafted an intriguing, multi-textured aural display here, one that’s primarily rooted in atmospherically-enhanced music. That music itself is instrumental and quite powerful though it isn’t what you’d call overtly “heavy” in any sense. No, instead this music is “heady” because it is so aurally vast and exploratory that it takes you places.

Those places are way, way out there in the realm of the infinite cosmos and there is no rush, no hurry or hustle bustle taking place to get there. Instead, once launched..the music looses your restraints from this mortal coil and allows your mind to free-float along with the journey undertaken. Ethereal expanses are mapped out and then moved into on such rides as the amazing opener, ‘Hundred Oxen‘, or the beautifully tranquil ‘New Reverie‘. With a massive aura of carefree vibrations permeating their overall feel, cuts like ‘Silver Swan‘ and ‘Chasing The Great Water Snake‘ provide near perfect escapes. The latter track is especially outstanding and definitely one of the album’s more stellar songs.

If you are a regular partaker of ambient-fueled music, especially the type that is instrumental and seems almost free-form at times, this is for you. Call it Progressive, Space Rock, Post-Rock or what have you, it is irrelevant just as long as you give this a listen. In fact, you can now do exactly that via the Bandcamp embedded stream of A Red Dead Eagle‘s debut, ‘Ovum Exclusum Est‘, below. Then, if you’re just absolutely head over heels smitten with the record, you can acquire it as an NYP (Name Your Price) item if you must. I suggest you throw some coin in for it if you have the means too as we all know how bands struggle to survive but do what you must…for you MUST own this album if you dig psychedelia.


MOONBOW ‘War Bear’ Review & Full Album Stream

War Bear: CD//DD
Ripple Music
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


Kentucky’s Moonbow are a rather appropriately named band for sure. To understand that, first you must know about the Kentucky Moonbow, a naturally occurring wonder taking place at Cumberland Falls, KY. It is not an everyday sight but when conditions are right, within a few days of a full moon on a clear night, you can see it. A faint arc of multicolored lights that stretches from the base of the falls downstream to the boulders adorning the banks of the Cumberland River. The unforgettable experience of witnessing this event draws untold numbers of visitors to the region annually as they hope to witness this incredible event.

Another incredible event upon the horizon is the Kentucky-based band Moonbow issuing their third studio recording, ‘War Bear‘, via Ripple Music on April 21st. Much like their namesake, the band provides an enlightening experience that bursts out from the darkness of mediocre music that permeates the rock realm at any given time. Once again comprised of vocalist Matt Bischoff, guitarist David McElfresh, bassist Ryan McAllister and drummer Steve Earle, the guys deliver a grizzly behemoth of hard rock with ‘War Bear‘.


The undeniable influence of Appalachian life and music both manifest themselves repeatedly throughout this new effort. Gargantuan, dense riffs reinforce songs such as the title track ‘War Bear‘, ‘Death Of Giants‘ and the backwoods blues of ‘Son Of Moses‘. One might state that this is something all to itself, perhaps Southern Grunge or Bluegrass Blues Rock or another moniker of minimal imagination. And yes, the music here most definitely is that but it is also much, much more. For instance, the groove-laden stomp of ‘Sword In The Storm‘ and its infectious sonics have “hit Single” written all it. With a bit of laid back swagger within its fantastic impact, the song features the boys’ grittiest, tight-knit playing.

There’s also moments of haunting psychedelia influencing cuts like ‘Bloodwash‘ but it is alternated with spans of powerful intensity. Earl’s drum work on the track is exceptionally tight and impressive on it, along with everyone’s fluid interaction within ‘Alone Eyes Roam‘. The quartet really ratchets up the energy and flow on ‘California King‘ along with a returning guest from their 2013 debut, The End Of Time, mister John Garcia himself. One of the strongest songs is the album closing ‘Toward The Sun‘, a heavy handed excursion that gave me some tingling sensations like those I rarely get from most music anymore. They’re the same visceral vibes that I acquired from hearing the aforementioned Moonbow debut and acoustic follow up, Volto del Demone in 2015.

I am beaming with pride (see what I did there) that my fellow Kentuckians, Moonbow, who are also one of the most refreshing, unique musical entities out there currently, are back. They are more than merely back really as they are back with something to say and something to play and it is a monolith of massive heavy rock. ‘War Bear‘ is a hungry animal ready for fierce action but it is my opinion that Moonbow have already won the day, and the battle too, with yet another magnificent display of Appalachian force.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


BROKEN TEETH Share Details Of Upcoming ‘4 On The Floor’ Release; Title Track Video Premiere

The Texas-based rock ‘n roll terrors Broken Teeth will return with a brand new album, ‘4 On The Floor‘, for the EMP Label Group this Friday, April 21st. The bluesy, high energy rock band which features singer Jason McMaster of such iconic acts as Dangerous Toys, Watchtower, Ignitor and Evil United, is one of underground music’s best kept secrets. Now, after 20 years of fierce live shows and a string of stellar album releases, Broken Teeth are poised for their breakthrough to a much larger audience. That will undoubtedly be helped in part with their teaming with EMP Label Group and their founders, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and former Corporate Punishment President Thom Hazaert.

Ellefson commented: “I’ve had my eyes and ears on Broken Teeth for a few years now and have a history with singer Jason McMaster. It was only a matter of time until I found a way to partner with them. Given their reputation as a crushing live act, along with their previous string of classic, underground hard-rock albums, I couldn’t be more proud to welcome Broken Teeth to the EMP family and help them share their music with an even wider audience.”

Broken Teeth 4OTF


“4 On The Floor”
“All Or Nothin'”
“Getcha’ Some”
“Borrowed Time (W.O.M.G.)”
“House Of Damnation”
“Let The War Machine Roll”
“Never Dead”
“All Day Sucker”
“Rock Bottom”

Broken Teeth specialize in gritty, balls-out rock n’ roll best described as “AC/DC on amphetamine” in my opinion and ‘4 On The Floor‘ is sure to impress. That impressing can now begin with the Official Video for the new album’s title track streaming below.

Broken Teeth is:

Jason McMaster – vocals
Jared Tuten – guitar
Bruce Rivers – drums
David Beeson – guitar
Robb Lampman – bass

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


LIFE OF AGONY Premieres ‘World Gone Mad’ Official Video; Tour Dates

One of 2017’s most anticipated album releases is the long awaited return of NYC’s Life Of Agony who will drop ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain‘ via Napalm Records on April 28. Their first new studio offering in twelve years sees the iconic hardcore/alt. rock band returning with the next step in their musical evolution. Early release material, such as this new Official Video from the band for the song ‘World Gone Mad‘, sees them continuing the same melodic-tinged hard rock of earlier releases like Ugly (1995) and Soul Searching Sun (1997).

Returning on the new record are longtime members Alan Robert (bass), Joey Z (guitar), and Sal Abruscato (drums). One of the perhaps more obvious differences in Life Of Agony is vocalist Mina Caputo, the name taken by vocalist Keith Caputo who announced being Transgender in 2011. Mina’s vocals are as spot on as they have ever been and with the new era of L.O.A. burgeoning now in 2017, will definitely appeal to longtime fans of the bands’ as well as new ones.

Life Of Agony will embark an a round of tour dates beginning near the end of this month. Upcoming dates and locations are listed below along with the band’s earlier video for the title track of the new album, ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain‘.

4/27: Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
4/28: New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
4/29: Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
5/12: Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theatre
5/13: Wantagh, NY  @ Mulcahy’s
5/19: Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon
5/20: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

– Pat ‘Riot Whitaker

DEAD ‘We Won’t Let You Sleep’ Review; Track Streaming

We Won’t Let You Sleep: CD//DD//Cassette 
We Empty Rooms
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker



Australia’s Dead are on the verge of returning with yet another eclectic album release, ‘We Won’t Let You Sleep‘, via We Empty Rooms on April 28th. If you are already down with the Dead then you know the duo of drummer/vocalist Jem and bassist/vocalist Jace are quite a unique entity and unlike much anything else out there. Joining them on this latest effort is Kevin Rutmanis (Cows/ Melvins/ Hepa.Titus) who plays on at least a third of the material here. Plus, producer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Helmet, Big Business) also guested on some guitars, keys and vocals across the record as well. To reinforce the notions of oddity and quirkiness that are so prevalent with Dead at times, this is the third installment in their four LP series The Trilogy, heh. ‘We Won’t Let You Sleep‘ is an album that heads in an entirely different direction than last year’s Untitle.

That direction is a tightrope of simultaneous dichotomy and duality, meaning there are multifaceted avenues taking place. Things are both convoluted and stripped down, chaotic and controlled with both precision and abandon. Pummeling drums are one of the more noticeable sonic traits taking place throughout the music, they are augmented with jarring rhythmic pulses. The vocals are all clean and legible which makes the album easy to follow and absorb. Plus, the varied psychedelic nuances are an enthralling element that do their part to keep the listener involved as well. In fact, that begins with the introductory cut “Frankly“, a brief, slow unfurling of a slightly bluesy, doomy howdy-doo.

You are immediately throttled by the Melvins-esque “Fingers As Arrows” which is crunchy and dense. Things sort of stay in that same mode for “Chartreuse Blew” but the headier tinges return with “Where’s My Gold Star?“. The throbbing number ripples with rhythmic rumbles and the lisp-ridden vocal delivery is pure genius. “Frank Lee“, another short, interlude-like track brings further weirdness to bear before everything erupts within “Picking Teeth“. Its’ music is a spiraling ride of circulating tempos and time signatures while “To Hell With Me” is another semi-dizzying frenzy of music. The cadence-setting pace implies an innate sense of foreboding and danger before we arrive at the album-closing “Pylons“. A hypnotic trippiness permeates the song’s slowly twisting inner workings and switch-hitting vocals. One minute airy and light then much heavier and gravelly.

Dead and their “We Won’t Let You Sleep” is definitely a bit hallucinogenic in content, derived straight out of the school of (the) Melvins and Big Business. It’s thick, it’s enthralling and able to stand on its own merits as it heaves with outside-the-box individuality.

RUFF MAJIK ‘The Swan’ EP Review & Stream

The Swan: CD//DD 
Bobbejaan Records
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

My friends from Pretoria, South Africa garage rock band Ruff Majik are back with the third installment of their planned EP trilogy. The 6-song ‘The Swan‘ is the end piece that follows previous offerings, The Bear and The Fox. If you have followed the progression of these releases then you already know what Johni Holliday (gtrst./vox/organist), Jimmy Glass (bass) and Benni Manchino (drums, percussion), aka Ruff Majik, are all about. Raw, blues-infused, psyche-tinted, fuzzened Stoner Rock with the emphasis on raw, stoner and rock, true believers. It seems as if the earlier releases were mere glimpses into the overall intention of these EPs and with ‘The Swan‘, it feels as if everything has now come full circle.

Allow me to inform you that Ruff Majik are as real as it gets on recordings, they don’t utilize any studio trickery like overdubs and countless takes. There’s no attention-stealing bells and whistles meant to distract you away from mediocre music like so many other bands incorporate into their releases. No sirree, not here for this trio does not need smoke and mirrors to discombobulate your senses. Instead, they deliver their sonic wares with boisterous musicality and it all begins with the retro rager, ‘Horse Drawn Wrath Spawn‘. Thick floppy riffs, amazing bass-driven rhythms and a slurry swagger exude from the speakers transmitting the tune. The guys immediately change musical gears with the doomy desert/fuzz rock of ‘Cloak Full Of Serpents‘. Bottom heavy psychedelia swirls around you while the kit-shattering drums drive things to and fro. It sets things up rather nicely for the next cut, ‘Canabasis‘, and its more energetically defined direction. A flurry of music possessing raw, unfiltered fierceness exudes into the room around you and the blistering guitar work will hold you in place as it does.

The end of of the previous track actually leads us headlong into the atmospherically-enhanced, melodic psyche of ‘Honey In A Lion Corpse‘. Rippling with desert rock traits and some really hypnotic tones, this throwback to the age of Kyuss is my favorite track by far. The grooves are magnetic and I swear you can feel sweat beads breaking on your brow from the energy being exerted here. Before you can catch your breath the dense, deep ruts of ‘Monarch Of The Hills‘ break like dawn on the mountaintop. Once again, the power of the rhythm section keep this song anchored in place, especially those massive bass lines. Things ratchet up into the red with the EP ending ‘Scalp Chiseler‘, a full-on foray into doomened blues. Bolstering things with ample enhancements are the subtle organs bubbling beneath the surface of the song, one which hits some dizzying moments at times before cooling down at others.

I have walked the walk with Ruff Majik through each of this trilogy’s EP releases and dare say that ‘The Swan‘ is the icing on the cake so to speak. It ties everything together in a way that should appeal to fans of undiluted garage rock that isn’t afraid to keep it true and to the point. You can listen to ‘The Swan‘ in the Bandcamp embed below and I highly recommend that you do, as well as check out its’ predecessors so that you can get the full intention of the trilogy.

SPARROWMILK ‘Articles Of Separation’ Review & Stream

Articles Of Separation: CD//DD
Kultland Recordings 
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Sparrowmilk are an instrumental trio based out of Cleveland, Ohio, one that possesses members of such notable acts at Venomin James, Doomstress and Ancient VVisdom. They specialize in a darker style of metallic-tinged Post-Rock with some rather spacey elements embedded within in. Drummer Tomasz Scull, guitarist Joe Fortunato and bassist Erin Lung explore some wide expanses in their music and aren’t afraid to engage in some experimental risk taking. The best possible example of this is their newly released full-length debut for Kultland Recordings, ‘Articles Of Separation‘. The 9-song record is an amalgamation of diverse genre-fusing that plays out with seeming intentionally abstract, yet profound, compositions.

The far-reaching realms explored on this album begin with the sludge-ish alternative rock of ‘Mars In The 7th House‘. The song’s more haunting atmospherics add a sense of mystique to its underlying, subdued doom vibes. Moments of groove-fueled, tight knit levity in the music breaks things up at specific points. Those doomier elements are more in the forefront of songs like ‘Western Reserve‘, ‘Wolf Egg‘ and the crushing album closing cut ‘Teeth Of The Hound‘.

Two of the heaviest tracks here, ones that are possibly my favorites of all, are the depth treading ‘Book Of Armaments‘ and it’s follow up, ‘Sons Of Neptune‘. The doom traits remain rather prevalent in both but they’re bolstered by obvious Southern-influenced flare impacting both cuts. They reverberate with heavily sludgened tones that are then offset with interludes of lighter fare. That’s what I was referring to earlier when I attached the label “abstract” to this music for you never quite know what to expect next. But if unusual, or better yet, uniqueness, is the name of the game then Sparrowmilk provide it in abundance on another pair of songs, ‘Black Night Satellite‘ and the psychedelia-laden ‘Hollow Moon‘. The latter unfurls touches of heady lulls in the music before injecting undiluted energy into them. Those shots result in temporal spans where upbeat tempos and time signatures take hold for a bit more animated musicality.

Lyrics..vocals..who needs’em?  I assure you their absence has absolutely no negative effect on the power and resound of Sparrowmilk‘s ‘Articles Of Separation‘. For sheer staying power in your player and mind both, this album provides more than enough diversity and sonic intrigue to keep you coming back for more. To begin that experience now, check it out via the Bandcamp embed below.

NOVEMBERS DOOM Streaming New ‘Hamartia’ Release In Full

Yesterday, Friday, April 14 saw the release of ‘Hamartia‘, the new album from long running Chicago heavyweights Novembers Doom. The album was produced by Chris Djuricic (Jungle Rot, Malevolence), mixed by Dan Swano (Opeth, Dissection, Katatonia) and released through The End Records. The tenth studio album overall from this atmospheric entity of despair-laden music, Novembers Doom, does well in furthering the band’s legacy. You can hear the album presented in all of its full sonic glory in the embedded You Tube stream below.

Singer Paul Kuhr commented on the new opus saying: “For the first time in this band’s existence, we have the same line up on two consecutive albums. Without the need to focus on a new element, we could concentrate on the writing process more clearly, and the synergy between the group is apparent in the end result. I actually mean it, when I say in my own humble opinion, I truly feel Novembers Doom have created our very best work to date. From the writing, to the captured performances, to the overall mix and sound of this album. ‘Hamartia’ is a logical evolution from ‘Bled White’ but adds some of the darker elements from ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’. It’s a Novembers Doom album, through and through, and hopefully others will share my enthusiasm once they get a chance to hear it.”

Hamartia tracklist:

01. “Devils Light”
02. “Plague Bird”
03. “Ghost”
04. “Ever After”
05. “Hamartia”
06. “Apostasy”
07. “Miasma”
08. “Zephyr”
09. “Waves in the Red Cloth”
10. “Borderline”

 – Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

THAL & HASHISHIAN ‘Taurean’ Split EP Review, Stream & NYP Item

Taurean: Split EP – CD//DD
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

After a string of singles, multi-track EPs and the critically acclaimed 2016 full-length ‘Glitter‘, Columbus, Ohio’s one man abomination that is THAL (The Heathens Are Loose) is back! But the wizard-like maestro behind the project, Vince Green, has brought some friends along with him on this latest offering. Not only is his wytCHord bandmate Kevin Hartnell stepping in to contribute drums and guitars to this new material but hell, there’s a whole other band connected to this release. That band, Malaysia’s Hashishian, contributed three tracks along with THAL‘s three here for this six song, two band recording: the ‘Taurean‘ split EP.

THAL are the first to rumble out of the gate with their bass line-introduced first song, ‘Bloodglutton‘. Things quickly escalate into a full on aural discharge of wailing guitars and crushing drums before the lyrical lull of the first verse draws us into things. Before you know it, a vicious, throat searing scream fully unleashes the track loose upon us all. Things soon settle into a rhythmic patterning while spoken word inserts, in this case news reports, describe sightings of what sounds to be Chupacabra. Next on deck is the southern doom-infused grooves of ‘Flood The River‘, a song driven by thick, chugging riffs and splintering drum work. Hazy tones ripple across the air as Vince’s distinct vocals weave the tale to be told within the track. The last track from the Buckeye State boys is ‘Feast For The Wicked‘ which begins with some seriously Iron Maiden-ish-toned guitars before kicking in. Once fully engaged, the song takes on a bit more airy overtones as its uptempo, energized delivery powers through. You can hear a much different vocal approach here than what we are used to with THAL too but it suits the more European-flared power metal sound of the music well.

Hashishian are a quite bit different than their predecessors, at least style-wise as these guys play more downtuned, slower-paced sludge. Seth Nazgul (Bass/Vocals), Jiesus (Guitar/Vocals) and Sur Gondrong (Drums) are clearly students of the Black Sabbath-meets-Sleep school of sonics. Once the wispy, sedate intro of ‘Carving The Void‘ melts away, things explode into a deluge of fuzzened guitars, shuddering rhythms and acidic, volatile vocals. The thick-ass tones in the track periodically yield to frenzies of furious, punk-ish musicality. However, ‘Journal Of A White Crow‘ unfolds with some bluesy guitars wailing out as the cleaner delivered vocals present themselves. After a moment or two, things abruptly hit a wall of slowly rendered psychedelic flavors before reprising the frenetic intensities once again. Last track, ‘Magic Of Kenna‘, delves into a dizzying den of southern sludge and relentless rivets of drumming before hitting the brakes and turning headlong into some doom. It all escalates into squealing guitars, spiraling bass, and solid drumming before it finds its end and leaves you nearly breathless from what you’ve just experienced.

The unexpected pairing of THAL and Hashishian for the ‘Taurean‘ split EP was a nice surprise and in THAL‘s case, a nice holdover item while the work continues on the follow-up to Glitter. He probably won’t mind me telling you this but Vince recently let me hear a brand new THAL demo track, a work-in-progress if you will. Even in that raw state I can tell you the song is bad ass and definitely displayed some experimentation going on with the band’s overall sound, and vocals too. Anyway, ‘Taurean‘ is streaming in the Bandcamp embed below so check it out but wait, it gets better! Once there, the 6-song EP is available as a NYP (Name Your Price) item so you can snag it for notta if you must go that route.

VOLBEAT Announces Own Headline Dates; BARONESS, POWER TRIP & IRON REAGAN Support

As most metal fans know by now, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Volbeat will be headed out on the road this summer for a slew of stadium dates here in the U.S. If that does not tickle your fancy then how about Volbeat doing their own thing with some interesting support acts? You are in luck then because Volbeat has announced a handful of off-dates on the tour where bands such as Baroness, Iron Reagan, and Power Trip will provide them support.

Check out the full range of dates below, including the original stadium dates:

Volbeat headlining tour dates:

05/07 Charlotte, NC – Carolina Rebellion
05/09 Hershey, PA – Giant Center
05/10 Baltimore, MD – M&T Bank Stadium (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
05/12 Philadelphia, PA – Lincoln Financial Field (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
05/13 Portland, ME – Maine State Pier (w/ Iron Reagan)
05/14 East Rutherford, NJ – MetLife Stadium (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
05/16 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom (w/ Iron Reagan)
05/17 Uniondale, NY – Nassau Coliseum (w/ Metallica)
05/19 Boston, MA – Gillette Stadium (w/ Metallica)
05/20 Lewiston, NY – Artpark Amphitheater (w/ Baroness)
05/21 Columbus, OH – Rock On The Range Festival (w/ Metallica)
06/03 Kansas City, MO – Rockfest
06/04 St. Louis, MO – Busch Stadium (w/ Metallica)
06/04 Grand Rapids, MI – 20 Monroe Live (w/ Power Trip)
06/07 Denver, CO – Sports Authority Field (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
06/10 Oklahoma City, OK – The Criterion (w/ Power Trip)
06/11 Houston, TX – NRG Stadium (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
07/05 Orlando, FL – Camping World Stadium (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
07/07 Miami, FL – Hard Rock Stadium (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
07/08 Biloxi, MS – Hard Rock Live (w/ Power Trip)
07/09 Atlanta, GA – SunTrust Park (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
07/10 Cincinnati, OH – Riverbend Music Center (w/ Avenged Sevenfold)
07/12 Detroit, MI – Comercia Park (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
07/13 Cadott, WI – Rock Fest
07/14 Oshkosh, WI – Rock USA
07/16 Toronto, ON – Rogers Centre (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)
07/18 Gilford, NH – Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion
07/19 Montreal, QC – Parc Jean-Drapeau (w/ Metallica & Avenged Sevenfold)