VANGOUGH ‘Warpaint’ Review & Album Stream

Oklahoma City’s Vangough recently released their latest studio effort ‘Warpaint‘ and the accolades have mounted ever since. Rightly so too because this, the band’s fifth studio album (along with an EP and live album as well) is yet another leap light years ahead for Progressive Rock as a whole. Cut from a similar cloth as acts like Soen, Opeth or Dream The Electric Sleep, the music of Vangough is founded on technicality and emotion. Forward-thinking musical expanses constructed on the juxtaposition of differing styles of sonics is what ‘Warpaint‘ is all about. Guitarist/vocalist Clay Withrow, bassist Jeren Martin and drummer Kyle Haws embed massive amounts of feeling and experimentation into these songs.

Exposure begins with the darkly-hued introductory track ‘Morphine‘, a heavy-handed song that shudders with powerful bass lines. Stitched with intricate guitar melodies, things soon take on more melodic elements before erupting into caustic sections of a more aggressive nature. Near song’s end things have dissolved into some truly heavy sonics, ones augmented with guttural vocalizations and crushing density. Shifting intensities, alternating energy levels and multifaceted diversity permeates songs like ‘Dust‘, ‘Gravity‘ and the powerful ‘Till Nothing’s Left‘. The latter a somewhat Tool-like trek into soul-jarring music that’s followed by one of the more haunting tunes of the record, ‘Knell‘. Quite sedate and even, dare I say it, more stripped down, the song pulsates with haunting nuances that bleed like an open wound. Things end with the eleven minute-plus ‘Black Rabbit‘, a track where everything presented prior culminates in this stellar, stand-alone song. Epic and sweeping, this ending song is perhaps my favorite of the album..the drumming alone is mind-blowing too. It is definitely a highlight where the trio pull out all the stops and strut their stuff so to speak.

In closing, it is easy to see, and hear, why Vangough are so well respected and why ‘Warpaint‘ is such an increasingly popular record. Also, it is no wonder they astounded audiences at ProgPower USA XV in 2014 and why people clamor to see the band live when they can. ‘Warpaint‘ is a contrasting, temperamental opus that possesses riveting music and enthralling content in general. Regardless if you are or aren’t a fan of progressive metal, this album will astound you and make you a fan of Vangough period. – Pat Riot Whitaker

PERPETUA Deliver ‘The Age Of Collapse’ Official Video

Scottish modern thrash band Perpetua have just unleashed their new single ‘The Age Of Collapse‘ upon the planet. They did so with an Official Video accompanying the viciously aggressive song but the good thing is the band’s ability to change things up. Pummeling metallic ferocity one moment, hardcore breakdowns and gang vocals the next and then before you know it, some melodic elements before you can gain your senses.

To be honest, I don’t know anything about Perpetua other than they have got some scathing intensity going on and that ‘The Age Of Collapse‘ is one bad-ass tune. I definitely want to hear more as soon as possible!

To learn more about Perpetua and what all they’ve got going on, visit their Facebook page here.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

ASHEN HORDE ‘The Alchemist’ EP Review & Stream; Lyric Video

Ashen Horde

The Alchemist:  DD – March 14th // Limited 7″ Vinyl – shipping around April 14, 2017

Los Angeles, the city of lost, or fallen angels in this case, is home to the the two-man duo that is Ashen Horde. That duo, multi-instrumentalist Trevor Portz and vocalist Stevie Boiser, have just recently issued their 2-song EP, “The Alchemist“. If you know anything about this project then you know what they specialize in: fiercely scathing, viciously volatile blackened thrash metal. That fact is more then validated and reinforced here as these two tracks, “Arisen” (lyric video below) and “Fallen“, channel a transformative tempest of sonics that pummel your senses. Dizzying leads race to and fro upon the frets while machine gun-like drums pound away and drive the tracks with ever-forward propulsion.

Pro Band Shot


Keeping things fluid and even somewhat on the melodic side, the Ashen Horde pair unquestionably deliver the goods with their solid, well-structured style of what is akin to controlled chaos.  It is furiously Metallic music through and through while the powerful, razor blade-throat vocals snarl forth their venomous verbiage without relent. So, the latest call to the altar from Ashen Horde, “The Alchemist,” is streaming on their Bandcamp (below) and I recommend you give it a spin if so inclined.

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 Words by Patrick “Riot” Whitaker

Y&T To Play The Grey Eagle In Asheville, N.C.; TEMPTATIONS WINGS To Support

Friday, April 21st, one of hard rock’s longest-running acts will descend into the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina when the legendary Y&T comes to town. They will be playing one of the region’s best venues, The Grey Eagle, and will be supported by AVL’s own Appalachian power doomers, Temptations Wings. Y&T’s origins date back to the early 1970’s when the band’s only current surviving member, Dave Meniketti, and his bandmates took the Yesterday & Today moniker inspired by The Beatles compilation sharing it. After an eventual shortening to Y&T, the group has spent decades sharing their music with the globe and now boast a discography of 18 albums, 3 greatest hits collections, a boxed set and have collectively sold over 4 million albums since their 1974 inception. Alongside lead gtrst./vox Dave Meniketti in the current incarnation of the band are rhythm gtrst./vox John Nymann, bassist/vox Aaron Leigh and drummer/vox Mike Vanderhule and without question they are going to rock The Grey Eagle.



To support such an iconic act, regional favorite sons Temptations Wings have accepted the challenge and will bring their heavy hitting talents to the stage as well. The trio, gtrst./vox Micah Nix, drummer Jason Gardner and bassist Chad Barnwell have just issued their critically acclaimed new conceptual album ‘Skulthor Ebonblade‘ and are eager to bring the new material to life at such a beloved hometown venue, The Grey Eagle. This is truly a show not to be missed!

The Grey Eagle


For ticket info and purchase visit –

For venue information about The Grey Eagle including directions and more, visit their website or Facebook page here.


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Words by Pat Riot Whitaker