WEEDPECKER Reveal ‘III’ Artwork; Share ‘Liquid Sky’ Track

In my humble opinion, Poland’s Weedpecker are one of underground stoner rock’s more underappreciated bands. The guys, Wyro (guitar & vocal), Bartek (guitar & vocal), Mroku (bass) and Falon (drums), are readying the release of their third studio album. The appropriately titled ‘III‘ follows its predecessors, 2013’s Weedpecker and 2015’s ‘II‘, and is sure to be another magnificent outing.

We have the ‘III‘ album artwork, created by Maciej Kamuda, below along with the audio-only stream of new track, ‘Liquid Sky‘. We will bring you further details when they become available.

– Pat ‘Riot’Whitaker

Weedpecker III

DOUBLESTONE ‘Devils Own/Djævlens Egn’ Review & Album Stream

Devils Own/Djævlens Egn – Vinyl//CD//DD
Ripple Music – Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


The Copenhagen-based Doublestone are back with their Ripple Music debut, ‘Devils Own/Djævlens Egn‘ on May 5th (today). Once again the band utilized the talents of Tony Reed (Mos Generator, Stone Axe) to master the new effort, one produced by the band themselves and Andreas Krohn at Wolf Ram Studios. With today’s release, guitarist/vocalist Bo Blond, bassist/vocalist Kristian Blond and drummer Mike James B. further explore the vintage-tinged sound that permeated earlier releases Set The World Ablaze (2013 EP), Doublestone (2013 self-titled) and the Wingmakers full-length.

On Devils Own/Djævlens Egn, the guys devise a seeming time machine and use it to return to an age of traditional, early rock music. In doing so, they keep the retroactive vibes and consistently rocking on such superb stand-out songs like ‘War Machine‘ (streaming below), ‘Man On The Hill‘, ‘I Natten‘ and ‘Solen Sover‘. Meanwhile, other cuts incorporate some nods toward a bit of psychedelia and more melodic influences. The partial title track ‘Devil’s Own‘ is a bit lighter fare that has an almost sea shanty-like quality to it while the other partial number, ‘Djævlens Egn‘, is a definite blues track.

Of the eight songs here, my personal favorite has to be ‘Here Comes The Serpent‘, an upbeat but doomy selection that weaves a mythical tale amid thick grooves and infectious rhythms. It rides along a direct trail of much heavier content and possesses some amazing guitar work as well. When taken in stride with the other songs, they all work together collectively to yield yet another incredible outing from this trio.

Once again, Ripple Music will release the new Doublestone album, ‘Devils Own/Djævlens Egn‘ worldwide today, Friday, May 5th. It will be available in the following formats: Vinyl, limited-edition/multi-colored Vinyl, CD and digital download.

THE COLD STARES To Release ‘Head Bent’ Via Small Stone Recordings In June; Track Streaming

One of the most unique rock projects of the current age, the Nashville-based duo The Cold Stares, have revealed the details of their upcoming new release. The anxiously awaited ‘Head Bent‘ will see release through Small Stone Recordings on June 16th. The pair of musicians at the very heart of The Cold Stares, a band whose name is inspired by The Black Crowes song “Stare It Cold“, Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins, possess an incredible sound. With Tapp’s unique guitar rig and Mullins’ giant bass drum providing a visual and sonic landscape for the two, they clearly travel on different paths than other acts.

The eleven track Head Bent was produced and mixed by the band with Greg Pearce and mastered by Chris Goosman (Acid King, Solace, Lo Pan, Freedom Hawk). “I think everything we’ve been through so far has led us to this album. These songs are such a part of us and who we are that it’s impossible to separate the two. Whether it’s fighting to find your way back to your love in the civil war epic ‘Ball And Twine,’ burying the gravedigger in the southern gothic tale of  ‘John,’ or twisting the throttle back and riding through the desert in ‘Head Bent,’ each one of these songs are a visual to narratives and stories that have been in my head for years,” says Tapp. “I hope our fans are able to escape for a while from reality in these songs the way that we do.”

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

The Cold Stares LP

Head Bent
Track Listing:
1. John
2. Head Bent
3. Neighbor Blues
4. God And Country
5. Stuck In A Rut
6. Price To Pay
7. Caught In The Weather
8. Ball And Twine
9. Kings
10. One Way Outta Here
11. Break My Fall

BLACKBIRD HILL ‘Midday Moonlight’ Review & Stream

Midday Moonlight – CD//DD
Releases May 5th, 2017
Reviewed By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


French garage rock power duo Blackbird Hill are back with ‘Midday Moonlight‘ this Friday, May 5th and are poised to rock out as only they can..and do! Guitarist/vocalist Alexis Dartiguelongue and drummer/vocalist Maxime Conan create six powerful cuts of delta blues-infused, fuzzened heavy rock on their latest outing. With one foot firmly planted in a place of organic folk music and the other in enthralling electrified heaviness, Blackbird Hill takes us on quite an interesting ride.

With the introductory track ‘Trigger Law‘ comes a deluge of fat, fuzzy riffs at first which then yields to some bluesy banjo pickin’. Hazy vocals narrate a tale of murder and vengeance while rhythmic grooves abound beneath. Diversity takes the lead on other fantastic tracks like the swaggering ‘Horseback Sight“, the rockabilly scorcher ‘Run Like Mad‘ and the incredible title track, ‘Midday Moonlight‘ (streaming below). Without question though, my favorites are a pair of back-to-back songs, ‘Stories From The Road‘ and ‘Hold Your Fire‘. The first is a full-on dive into backwoods-y Americana, an emotionally intense ode that runs nearly nine minutes in length. Rippling with sedate nostalgia, its eclectic minimalism unfolds a fantastic yarn both lyrically and musically. The latter is hard-hitting and allows the duo to really cut loose and strut their stuff so to speak.

So, if you like blues-strutting Garage Rock with abundant tilts toward psychedelia and fuzz rock, plus great songwriting, arranging and execution, well then I have news for you. That news would be this latest salvo of killer two man-based rock ‘n roll, ‘Midday Moonlight‘ from Blackbird Hill. It will be available on this Friday’s (May 5th) release date and here’s the title track until then. Enjoy!

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

THE WHITE SWAN Announces Digital Release ‘The White’ EP; Available With Debut EP On Ltd. Ed. Vinyl

Out of the blue came news that Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander was involved in a new project last year, The White Swan. She sings and plays guitar fronting the atmospheric doom band alongside bassist Kira Longeuay and guitarist Shane Jeffers. Their self-titled EP debut, Anubis, was immensely well-received last year and garnered large amounts of positive critiques, from myself included. Now, The White Swan has just checked in with this new update:

“The White Swan’s new EP and last year’s critically acclaimed Anubis EP together on one limited edition 12″ record. Available on purple wax, it’s dirty sludge synth rock with knobs turned to 11. This is a pre-order, the album will ship mid to late July. Includes digital pre-order of The White. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.”

Digital album releases June 9th. Item ships out on or around July 15th. Limited edition of 300 and you can pre-order/purchase here.

You can check out the new track, ‘North Carolina‘, below along with the astounding Anubis EP as well.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker


1. North Carolina
2. Lions
3. The White

DIAMOND HEAD Announces U.S. Tour With First-Ever Fest Appearances

One of rock’s most iconic, influential bands, Diamond Head, have released their upcoming U.S. tour itinerary, one that includes their first-ever stateside festival appearances. From May 17th – 27th, the band – led by co-founding member/guitarist Brian Tatler – will be playing headline shows (and two dates with Ross The Boss, as well as a performance at the Legions Of Metal Festival in Chicago with Armored Saint, and an appearance at Rocklahoma in Oklahoma). And then from August 19th – 25th, Diamond Head will return to the U.S. for another festival appearance (Psycho Las Vegas 2017 in Las Vegas), as well as additional headlining gigs.

“Excited to be back in the US this spring, playing songs from the new album Diamond Head along with many classics from Lightning To The Nations, Borrowed Time & Canterbury.” – Brian Tatler

Diamond Head were a major presence within the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement back in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. Although they did not receive the same global recognition as say, Iron Maiden or Def Leppard, they did influence countless other musicians. One of their biggest fans, a then-teenaged Lars Ulrich, befriended the band early on and became a major fan of theirs. Later on in life, Lars’ own  band, Metallica, would routinely cover such Diamond Head classics as “Am I Evil”, “Helpless”, “The Prince” and “It’s Electric” many times on their own multiple platinum releases.

In addition to performing these classics at their upcoming U.S. shows, expect to also hear material performed off Diamond Head‘s latest release – 2016’s self-titled offering. Their seventh studio album overall, the album has become one of their most critically acclaimed of their entire career and musical legacy.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

U.S. dates:

17 – Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
18 – Indianapolis, IN – The Headquarters (with Ross The Boss)
19 – Rock Island, IL – RIBCO
20 – Chicago, IL – Legions of Metal Festival (with Armored Saint)
21 – Savage, MN – Neisens (with Ross The Boss)
22 – Joliet, IL – The Forge
23 – Newport, KY – Southgate House
25 – Springfield, MO – Nathan P Murphy’s
27 – Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma Festival

19 – Las Vegas, NV – Psycho Vegas 2017 Festival
23 – Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballrooms
25 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon

Additional dates are listed on the flyer below:

diamond head tour

PYRESHIP Reveals Upcoming Debut’s Details; Streaming ‘Gravity’ Track

Houston’s progressive metallers Pyreship are pleased to share the details of their upcoming debut album release, ‘The Liars Bend Low‘. It will be released via Black Bow Records on May 26th as a digital download and limited edition vinyl. Pyreship had this to say about the imminent release: “‘We’re pumped to be releasing our first album ‘The Liars Bend Low‘ with the excellent dudes at Black Bow Records. Five tracks of post-metal rage issues tempered by an unhealthy overdose of 90’s slowcore.”

Pyreship‘s blend of Post-Rock elements and atmospheric doom nuances provides an intricately deep music listening experience. The quartet at the heart of the band, guitarist/vox Cru Jordan Jones, guitarist/vox Sam Waters, bassist George Ellis Lusito and drummer Steve Smith, have developed a powerful, almost hypnotic sound all their own. You can hear it, and them, for yourself in the streaming track share ‘Gravity‘ below.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

Pyreship LP


01. Gravity
02. Machine Men
03. When Leaves Turn to Blood
04. Die-Sect
05. …Are We Dead Yet


BILL & PHIL (Bill Moseley & Phil Anselmo) Debut ‘Dirty Eye’ Official Video

Back in January, horror movie actor Bill Moseley (House Of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects) and metal icon Phil Anselmo (Pantera, DOWN, Superjoint) teamed up for a release together. That release was under the project name Bill & Phil and the album was titled ‘Songs Of Darkness And Despair‘. Released via Anselmo’s Housecore Records label, it is quite an interestingly unique release and quite damned good really (was there ever a doubt?).

Now the duo, along with director Ryan Oliver of Deathblow Productions, have issued an intriguing official video to a track from the album, ‘Dirty Eye‘. The clip comes in the form of a strange and dark puppet show/music video that features Bill and Phil as marionettes! “This video is down ‘n’ dirty and comes with no strings attached,” says Moseley, “well, except for the puppets. I can’t speak for Phil, but frankly I’ve never looked better!” Anselmo finds it, “very very very very very interesting.”

In case you missed the Bill & Phil debut from earlier this year, here’s your chance to stream and/or purchase it via the Bandcamp embed below.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

CRAWL To Release Ltd. Number 7″; ’30 Year Suicide’ b/w ‘Pornography Of Grief’ Review

Atlanta’s embodiment of sonic savagery, Crawl, are back with a new limited pressing 7″, ‘30 Year Suicide‘. While the release date is yet TBA, the 300 count EP (250 black vinyl, 50 gray w/ black specks) is imminent via Russia’s Bad Road Records. Artwork for the effort was created by Eric C. Harrison. Further details and pre-order info will be provided soon.

Now, with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the music. If you are already in the loop and know about ATL’s Crawl, then you know that they play no frills, no-bullshit, straightforward heavy ass sludgened doom. ‘30 Year Suicide‘ is the next step in the band’s legacy and finds guitarist/vox Eric Crowe, bassist Patrick Lowe and drummer Tommy Butler doing what they do best. Channeling emanations resulting from time spent in the dark realms of anxiety and mental breakdowns, these two cuts are plodding dirges of horrific bleakness. For the record, Tommy Butler recently exited Crawl and they are currently seeking his replacement.

Pornography Of Grief’ is a slow descent into funeral doom-fueled despair, one where down-tuning and feedback navigate the fall. Acidic vocals screech across the invisible airwaves while hopelessness seems to resonate right along with them. The guitar solos are quite powerful, minimalist and poignant while the track takes you right up to the brink of the abyss. Haunting notes begin to reverberate, announcing the arrival of ‘30 Year Suicide‘ with a simple guitar/vocal intro segment. Things begin to simmer with eerie noise effects and slow-churned drumming before the full eruption of the track’s hellish aural agony is fully pronounced. Crowe takes a much different vocal approach here as well, one with bellowing guttural, death metal-ish vocalizations.

Doom, progressive sludge, post-hardcore…call the latest Crawl offering, ‘30 Year Suicide‘, whatever you want really. It all fits while also barely scratching the surface of what is being explored here. It will be available for you to suffer along with soon too, if you dare because one thing is more than certain: If ATL is The Dirty South, then Crawl comes forth from a place that is The Unworthy’s South Of Heaven.

Crawl 7

An Interview With KILL RITUAL’s David Reed Watson & Steven Rice

I love an underdog, especially one of the metallic kind. Perhaps you may be asking yourself what do I mean by that exactly? Well, I’m about to tell you and in this case, the underdog story begins back in 2010 when former members of Imagika, Dark Angel and Eldritch formed Kill Ritual. The band was one that took its traditional Heavy Metal influences and then blended and molded them into a very powerful, modernized machine. The music of Kill Ritual has always been very guitar-oriented and that’s surely due to the presence of axe-slinger Steven Rice. He has been the one singular, constant presence in the band since the very beginning. In 2012 Kill Ritual issued their debut album The Serpentine Ritual (Scarlet Records) to much critical acclaim and positive acceptance. That was followed by the 2014 effort The Eyes Of Medusa (Golden Core/ZYX) which one again garnered the band increased attention and accolades.

In 2015, changes came to the Kill Ritual camp, the inevitable types that usually become most bands at some point or another. So enter vocalist David Reed Watson (Rage Of Angels, Electric Messiah, D.N.A.) who brought his wide spectrum of emotion-infused banshee vocals to the band. Watson and Rice became the heart and soul of Kill Ritual that fueled the phenomenal 2015 album Karma Machine, an album produced by Steve and mixed/mastered by the legendary Andy LaRocque (King Diamond). The album propelled the band’s status further into the metallic community where increased awareness of Kill Ritual‘s awesomeness grew exponentially with all the right people. That brings us up to now, May of 2017 where incredible things are happening with Kill Ritual yet again. First off is they have a new album in the can titled ‘All Man Shall Fall‘, details of it will be forthcoming soon but you can read my review of it now here. The second bit of news, and it is nothing minor or of any small feat itself, is Kill Ritual are preparing to head to Europe for a tour. But this is not just any European tour as the band will be providing direct support to the lethal duo of Raven and Hirax across the Old Country. The trek launches on June 7th and the guys are in need of some financial assistance so they’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign that you can donate to at this location.

So, now that we’re all caught up, let’s get to the business at hand, shall we? Of course that business is Kill Ritual vocalist David Reed Watson and guitarist Steve Rice and trust me, business is good! The pair have just wrapped up recording the incredible ‘All Men Shall Fall‘, Kill Ritual‘s fourth studio full-length. That alone would be excitement a’plenty for any band, and of course it is with them, but they’ve also just amassed an incredible touring line up for Kill Ritual to ravage Europe with little over a week from now. Being a big fan of the band’s right from the start, I went full-tilt over their last outing, Karma Machine, and now the new record too. Therefore it was a no-brainer to drop a line and get the guys on the wire for some conversation. The following is that conversation, The Taste Nation LLC Interview With Kill Ritual’s David Reed Watson And Steven Rice!

David Reed Watson (L) & Steve Rice (R)
David Reed Watson (L) & Steve Rice (R)

Pat Riot – Let’s start with current events: Kill Ritual are on the verge of releasing your fourth studio album, ‘All Men Shall Fall’. What can longtime fans of the band expect with this latest album? And what about the average music fan that’s never heard Kill Ritual before?

David – Our last album, Karma Machine, was an introduction to me and my style of singing. By no means am I a thrash singer, and Steve knew this but he had faith in me, which I appreciate. It’s nice working with somebody that lets me just go for it. Anyway, I consider myself more along the lines of Jon Bush from Armored Saint or Joey Belladonna from Anthrax. We’re more Hard Rock/Metal Singers. Mixing my voice with Steve’s thrash roots for the last album (Karma Machine) was a true test to what we could create. Some of the hardcore fans, the ones that went back to Steve’s Imagika days didn’t know how to take me (laughs). Seriously, it was a big change from the last singer, who had done The Serpentine Ritual and The Eyes of Medusa. This next album, All Men Shall Fall, was written for me, for my voice. Steve got an idea of what I could do vocally and put the music around me.

The writing process this time around was much smoother and I got to do what I do instead of trying to form myself into what the old singer had done. We are two different animals… and to answer your question about the fans again — some didn’t like it, but WAY more did than didn’t. I think with this next album we’re going to hit a much broader audience while still maintaining a good amount of the San Francisco Thrash roots.

Pat Riot – What was the recording line-up of the band for the new record? Please share a little of the songwriting process of Kill Ritual with us…who does what? Assuming you’re the main lyricist, where do you find lyrical inspiration?

David –  This time around we kept it simple. Matt Thompson did all of the drums. Matt, as you well know, is the drummer for King Diamond. Everything he sent to us fit incredibly well to what Steve had written. And, like the last record, Steve did all of the music; Keyboards, Bass, and Guitars, AND he even wrote the lyrics to one of the songs, Dead Man On The Water.

As far as inspiration for lyrics… let’s just say, there is a LOT to write about today. When Steve and I started All Men Shall Fall, we based it on Man’s shortcomings, be it, sex, drugs, politics, religion or spirituality, etc… I tried to touch on as many of these subjects as I could. It might piss off a few people with some of the subject matter, and if it does, good. It gets them thinking. Anything I write I try to get people to think. I’ve never been the boy loves girl, girl loves boy, type of writer. I’ll leave that to Bon Jovi (laughs). I laugh, but in fact the last song on the album [‘Kage‘] I wrote for my Fiancé, Taylor… so I retract that statement (smiles).



Pat Riot – Speaking of inspiration, who are some of your biggest… who would you cite as being your own influences? How did you get started upon the path as a musician (i.e. specific event, album, etc. that opened to door for you so to speak)? Are you a “self-taught” vocalist or no?

David – How long do we have (laughing)? I’ve had a lot of influences in my life. My Dad was a Banjo player and a singer in a band called the Tikis. They toured around New England a bit… record deal, etc. so I guess that is pretty much where it started. Probably my first influences, other than family, would have been, Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), Ian Gillian (Deep Purple) and David Bowie… that was until I saw Ronnie James Dio live with Black Sabbath. That blew me away, I was like, sign me up! I am basically a self-taught singer, although I did sing in the choir, theater… stuff like that. So I got to see other people’s techniques and pick up on them.

Steven – For me, it started with Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road. First album I ever bought and what a great choice. Brilliant stuff. Then it was Kiss, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller and got heavier with Rainbow and UFO. Thin Lizzy was a big influence. But as soon as I heard Priest live as I was at a UFO concert and they opened I was completely hooked and they’re still my favorite Metal band.  Two big albums that blew my mind were Priest’s Unleashed In The East and Maiden’s Killers. I was done for after that!

Pat Riot – Each of you mentioned my favorites there too as Ronnie James Dio is/was my favorite vocalist of all time, ever and Judas Priest are my favorite classic metal band as well. Nice!

You (David) joined Kill Ritual prior to the 3rd album ‘Karma Machine’ being recorded…how did you land the gig? Were there any challenges in performing the earlier material in any way? What do you feel that you brought to the table by joining the band (feel free to brag, LOL)?

David – You’re asking a singer to brag (laughs)? Ok, the 3rd album, Karma Machine, was already done, in the can and ready to go out the door when the singer quit. Steve literally deleted all of his vocals then sent me the album. To this day I have no clue what he wrote about, how it sounded… nothing. I commend Steve for doing that because I’ve been down this path before. It’s very hard to write new lyrics and melodies after hearing what somebody else had written. I was fortunate enough never to hear a word. Now, Steve, that’s another story. He got the material back with me singing and I’ll have to let him explain how he wrapped his head around that… I know I would have had a hard time. So to answer your question… there wasn’t a challenge because I never heard anything. Everything you hear on Karma Machine now is me. My lyrics, my melody lines, everything. I remember sitting down with Taylor, listening to it, looking at her, looking back at the music and going. Huh. I think this can work. I like to believe that I took a thrash band to the next level, into more of a progressive metal band. I’ll never knock the old singer… he did what he did, and he did it well, I might add… and I do what I do, hopefully as well. I guess that’s for the fans to decide.

Steven – Like Dave mentioned…I just had to let it go and move forward. I’ve been there and done that many times through the years with singers, etc., so I can get past it pretty quick. It was time for a fresh start and direction so it was great the way it all came together. I’d like to also mention that even though we get associated with Thrash, Kill Ritual isn’t really a Thrash band. To me, it’s just Classic Metal with some Thrash elements. I never want to be pigeonholed into one style of music or metal sub-genre, so Kill Ritual will always bring elements of whatever we feel like bringing in.



Pat Riot – I know Kill Ritual are headed to Europe soon on an amazing tour with Raven & Hirax… how excited about this trek are you all? How exactly did this opportunity come about?

David –  I’m very excited! I’ve been to Europe quite a few times but never with a band on tour. I’m a virgin! After our last tour here in the US; 7000 miles, 30 days and 28 shows, this will be a breeze! Some of these places in Europe I’ve never been to so I’m excited to meet the fans and see their beautiful cities.

Pat Riot – Kill Ritual sure has amassed an amazing ensemble of players for the European Tour…how was each selected or decided upon for this upcoming run?

Steven – The guys brought in for the tour are people that I’ve toured with or been in bands with or have known awhile. Jim Pegram from Mudface / Angerhead, Chris Lotesto from Ion Vein, and Dave Chedrick from Ruthless / Ed Force One. It’s always a challenge rounding up guys that want to do these type of things and are willing to make the effort to tour. So it’s been a good turn of events that it’s all worked out and we can pull off the tour with this lineup. Will these guys be here for the long run? I don’t really know, but we’ll keep moving straight ahead and hope for the best.


Pat Riot – Kill Ritual albums always have such fantastic images/artwork…how involved is the band in bringing those images about (i.e. Is there an idea or rough outline presented to the artist or is it entirely up to them, etc.)?

David – You can attribute that to a long time Kill Ritual confidant, Jobert Mello. Steve’s been using this guy for years.

Steven – Yeah, he was recommended by my friend Chris Boltendahl, who sings for Grave Digger.

Pat Riot – In the current, ever-changing music environment… what are, or has been, some of the biggest challenges / obstacles for you all as a band?

David –  It’s tough for ANY band, even the successful ones. I’ve got some close friends that have been in major Rock Bands with HUGE budgets through their labels. The challenge for them back then was not blowing all of their cash, pay back the labels and hopefully have something left over. We don’t have that today. Today there is no money up front. You take it out of your own pocket and hope for a good return.

So, I’ll speak for myself here. Money! It’s tough telling your boss that you’re taking off on tour for a couple weeks to a month and having them hang onto your job. I ran into this problem back in 2013 when I was heading to Europe with Rage of Angels. My boss just couldn’t afford to hold my job for me. It was a tough decision and one that a lot of musicians have to face. Do I stick with my day job or do I follow my dream? Well, suffice to say, I’ve got support from Taylor… but it’s a struggle. By the way… Rage Of Angels decided after I left my job that they couldn’t afford to have me come over because a major venue fell through. That was tough because I had a lot of people supporting me through a GoFundMe. I felt foolish telling them that it was canceled.

All in all, the best thing I can say about today, being in a band, is this…  it weeds out the ones that just want to become ‘Rock Stars’. You’ve got to love what you do or you’re in the wrong business. If you want that Million Dollar contract… well, those are few and far between.

Pat Riot – What type of non-musical things do you both enjoy doing in your personal life (hobbies, passions, etc.)?

David – I’m an avid Cyclist and have been for years. I used to race Mt. Bikes, now it’s predominantly my road bike (Blue RC-6). I’m also an energy worker… a Reiki Master. I’ve been doing energy work on people for several years now. I used to be a life coach as well! I think that is why I love writing. I want people to know that they matter. Too many people today don’t think they matter. They delve into drugs, alcohol or other addictions. I live in Sin City… If you’ve got an addiction, this is not the place to be.

Steven – For me, it’s cooking. I love to eat so I better be able to cook!

Pat Riot – What are your own expectations with the upcoming album release, EU. tour, etc.? Are there any other Kill Ritual-related items on the horizon we should know about?

David – I’m excited to release it. We’ve got a buzz around us at the moment and we’re seeing the momentum pick up. I think people are actually taking us seriously now. After this tour we’ll be working on some other tours this year which Steve can elaborate on. We’ve also got a video in the works for one of the songs. Shit… Steve’s already got the next album written for me to start working on, so I’ll be tackling that soon enough.

My hope is that we can get a solid crew together and not have it just be Steve and I. I like collaborating as a complete band. That’s my personal feeling. But if it ends up just being us…so be it. We’re writing great stuff.

Steven – Yeah, unfortunately for Dave I write all the time and have already put together a good 8-9 songs for the future. No rest for the wicked and since we have our own fairly decent studio to use at home why not. Better then bowling and trying to fuck the bartender! HA!

Pat Riot –  I have a tradition of ending interviews with an open floor… feel free to say, share, rant, etc. about anything you’d like:

David – Support local music! Buy CDs! Buy shirts! Go to concerts! We are not self-sustaining entities with money falling out of our pockets. I think a big misconception of being in a band, of being a musician, is that someday we’ll grow up and get a REAL job. I’ve HAD a real job. I did what I was told to do by society and I was fucking miserable. Seriously… if you’re an accountant and you love accounting… then by all means, follow your passion. But, if you hate it and you do it until your dying day… are you going to say, “I wish I would have (fill in the blank)” or are you going to say, “Fuck! That was one hell of a ride!” (Mic drop)

Put me down for the latter life option, please! But in all seriousness, David is absolutely on point with his comment there and no one can make you happy but yourself. Life truly is what you make it and we each determine our own destinies, I fully believe that. Both David and Steven seem clearly in tune with their own passions as well as they prepare to undertake the next incredible series of events in the Kill Ritual legacy. The imminent release of their new album ‘All Men Shall Fall‘ is coming soon and even sooner than it, Kill Ritual will deliver their metallic goods to the masses of Europe starting next week. Can things possibly get any better at this time?

I want to thank my guests David Reed Watson and Steven Rice of the magnificently kick-ass heavy metal machine that is Kill Ritual! They’re part of a band that more than deserves your attention and support and I urge you to accept that challenge immediately.

– Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker

KR EU Tour